Hotel Cleaning Equipments Used by Housekeeping (Part-2)

Welcome to the second part of Hotel Cleaning Equipment series. In the first part of this series we have discussed about various cleaning equipment like Vacuum Cleaner, wet vacuums, wet extractions, mops, rotary free machine etc. Today we will learn about other hotel cleaning equipment those are widely used in hotels in all parts of the world.

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Use of Containers

Not only the cleaning machinery are important but also the containers are essential to bring perfect cleaning in hotel. There are numerous types of containers are used by housekeeping department which are as follows:

  • Buckets are found in plastic or galvanized metal which are primarily used to carry water, detergents and chemicals ion removing spills.
  • To remove spots and stains, housekeeper use plastic basin and bowls.
  • Dust pans are used for collecting dust with the help of hand brushes also come in plastic and galvanized metal.
  • Housemaid box works as a plastic carry case for carrying various cleaning equipment, brushes and dusters.
  • Plastic waste bins are used for guest room, offices, bathrooms, restaurants etc. These bins must be ruled with paper to prevent the garbage from sticking on to the surface and also washed on a daily basis.
  • Public refuse basket which is applicable for both internal and external use. For example chrome basket for internal use and galvanized basket for external use.
  • Mop buckets applied on castors that come with rinse attachment.
  • To carry detergent solutions, mixing baskets are used.
  • Tanks of wet vacuum cleaner and wet extractor to suck water from surfaces.
  • To collect floor’s and carpet’s dust housekeeper often use vacuum dust bag.

All cleaning containers must be clean daily and dried properly.


Brushes are made of different materials which come in variety of sizes and shapes. Different brushes have different functions. Such as, to clean the carpets or furniture that brushes are used which are made of nylon or plastic bristles whereas metal brushes works great in cleaning window’s wire mesh.

Basically the following different brushes are used for different purposes in hotels to bring hygienic tone.

  • hotel housekeeping brushTo clean sensitive surfaces (for example lampshades, television etc) feather brushes are used.
  • Special nylon toilet brushes are used to clean WC and bidet bowls.
  • To clean carpets, carpet hand brushes are often used as a substitute of vacuum cleaner.
  • Cane chair soft nylon brush for preventing damages from getting into the cane surfaces.
  • Sink brushes that come in wire for releasing sink outlets.
  • Soft hand brush for picking dust from different surfaces which works along with dustpan.
  • Tapestry brush for cleaning delicate fabrics.
  • Nylon brush in repairing carpet pile after cleaning.
  • To remove mustiness, round feather brushes are used.
  • Scrub brushes for removing hard stain from floors.
  • Hand shampoo brush applied in cleaning stairs and edges.

The housekeeper should wash the brushes periodically and keep it free form hair, dust or any other particles which can damage its effectiveness.


The main job of a broom is to take away the large particles of soil from hard and tough floors. Brooms are found in different category. Such as:

  • A) Soft brooms
  • B) Hard brooms
  • C) Push brooms
  • D) Corn brooms
  • E) Whisk brooms

High-quality push brooms are available in two rows of bristles. The front row with heavy-duty bristles works to remove stubborn dirt and the second row with split-tip bristles works to remove regular dirt.


Dusters are used in hotel to clean loose dust and wash various surfaces. Dusters come in various sizes for different purposes. For example separate dusters dining table, mirrors, kitchen slabs, etc. Dusters are made of soft cotton, flannel or artificial feathers mounted on a stick. After finishing work, they should be thoroughly washed and dried.

Polishing cloth

Polishing cloth is also considered as cleaning equipment. The role of polishing cloth is to clean and burnish the polished surfaces by rubbing them forcefully. Polishing cloths are made of soft absorbent cloth.

Besides polishing housekeeper often use several cleaning cloths for cleaning purposes. Some of them include:

  • Dusting cloth
  • Glass cloth
  • Faucet duster
  • Sponges and so on.

Miscellaneous Cleaning Equipment

  1. Step leaders used for cleaning upper surfaces.
  2. Rubber gloves for all purpose cleaning.
  3. Different sized racks for keeping toothpaste, brushes, small materials etc.
  4. Useless linens are used to cover furniture and materials.
  5. Waterproof tarp for dissolving cleaning solutions.
  6. Pick-up pans for collecting water.
  7. Manual or electrical sprayers to spray water or cleaning solutions in the carpet.

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