Must Follow Food & Beverage Service Rules

There are millions of Food & Beverage Service workers working in the industry. Many of them don’t have any sort of idea about basic f & b service rules or guidelines. So today, I will discuss some basic food and beverage service rules. Waiter or waitress working in hotel and restaurant should try to follow this basic rules to provide an wonderful service to their guests.

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Food & Beverage Service Rules you Must Follow

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General Service Rules

  • Handle silver flatware by the handle.
  • Handle clean chinaware by the edge.
  • Handle glassware at the stem or base.
  • Never place your thumb on the plates.
  • Always carry silverware, chinaware, linen, glassware on a clean tray when approaching guest table.
  • Never walk back to the kitchen empty-handed, take along dirty dishes.
  • Dishes should not be stacked too high on the trays.

Meal Service Rules

  • Always serve the ladies first.
  • Always serve guests from the right and clear tables from the right.
  • Before each course is served, remove soiled chinaware and replace with clean chinaware.
  • Complimentary starter (if available) is to be served to all guests after the food order is taken.
  • Chinaware and towels are to be changed throughout the meal.
  • Always change ashtrays when one cigarette stub is in it.

Beverage Service Rules

  • Always open wine bottles in front of the guest.
  • Leave the bottle (if white wine or champagne) in the ice bucket while opening.
  • Always display the label and repeat the name of the wine when presenting to guest.
  • All alcoholic drinks must be served with mixers and ice on the side.
  • When serving alcoholic drinks, request the guest to advise how much ice and mixer they would like.

Rules after Having Main Course

  • Crumbs are to be swept away using a folded napkin on to a clean B&B plate before dessert is offered.
  • Coffee and varieties of tea are to be offered when taking the dessert order.
  • Cream and sugar are to be served on silver tray and placed on the table before coffee or tea is served.
  • Coffee or tea must only be served in silver pots.
  • Tray with dirty dishes to be removed immediately from the public area to the kitchen.
  • Dirty dishes are to be cleared only after everyone at the table has finished that course.
  • Checks are always to be presented in the check folder.
  • Checks are to be presented to guests on demand only.
  • Tables are to be reset as per table top specifications as soon as the guest departs.
  • Complimentary meal-end items (if available) are to be offered when presenting the guest check.

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