5 Weeks F & B Service Course

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Hospitality School, Running from 2009, and World’s one of the most popular Hotel & Restaurant Training Blogs, is offering 5 Weeks self study F & B Service Waiter & Waitress training course. For next 7 days, you will enjoy the FLAT $400 discount (ORIGINAL PRICE $499).

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You will not need to wait for 5 weeks. In total the course will be 12 GB Data that equals to 3 DVDs which YOU CAN DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW.


Here is why you should DOWNLOAD the course RIGHT NOW:

  • Total 26 modules that will help you to learn everything you need to know to be a great Food and Beverage Service expert. From welcoming guest to farewell, you will learn all the techniques to serve your guest in most professional manner.
  • Over 200 relevant videos clips. Over 10 GB of content that equals to around 3 DVDs of DATA.
  • Each of the modules is divided into Handnotes in both PDF and Document Format, amazing PowerPoint presentations and videos.
  • Self explanatory power points that you can use for learning or training purposes.
  • Handnotes in pdf and document format that you can print or customize according to your preference.

To Download the Course Curriculum: Click HERE

5 Weeks Self Study Course Syllabus

  • Module 1:
  1. How to Welcome Guest
  2. How to Seat Guest
  3. How to Present Menu
  4. Mise en place
  5. Serviceware (Cutlery, Glassware)
  6. Table Setting A to Z
  7. How to Carry Trays, plates, etc.
  8. Menu Types, Planning, Designing & French Classical Menu
  • Module 2:
  1. Taking the Drink and Food Order
  2. Different Types of F & B Service Styles
  3. How to Serve Food & Beverage
  4. How to Clean a Table
  5. POS System
  6. Barista Training 1 (Everything you need to know about Coffee)
  7. Barista Training 2 (Expresso and other topics covered)
  • Module 3:
  • Different Types of Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverage Details
    • Wine Knowledge:
      1. Wine Types
      2. Wine Production
      3. How to read wine labels
      4. Wine tasting
      5. Identify customer needs
      6. Pairing wine and food
      7. How to serve wine – Everything you should know
      8. Handling guest complaints regarding wine
  • How to serve different alcoholic beverage items like Spirit, Beer, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Liqueur, Bitters, Champagne etc.
  • How to serve different nonalcoholic beverage items
  • Cocktail 1
  • Cocktail 2
  • Module 4:
  1. Banquet Day 1 – Introduction, Different Types of Functions, Staff Hierarchy, Service Techniques, Possible Banquet Problems in details
  2. Banquet Day 2 – Most Popular Banquet Function Setup Styles, Table Setting Method for Banquet Functions
  3. Banquet Day 3 – A to Z Step by Step Banquet Service Procedure, Complaint Handling Techniques
  4. Buffet Service: Types, Menu, Layout, Portion Control, Buffet Preparation, Buffet Presentation, Service Procedures
  5. Waiter Showmanship Skills: Guéridon service, Carving, Jointing & Filleting, Flambéing
  • Module 5
  1. Suggestive Selling, Upselling and Cross Selling
  2. Guest Complaint Handling
  3. Western Dining Etiquette
  4. Food Knowledge
  5. Recap – Watch Videos

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Sample – PowerPoint: Module 1