Secrets of Successful Guest Complaint Handling in Hotel & Restaurant

Secrets of Successful Guest Complaint Handling in Hotel & Restaurant, 1st edition is the exclusive training manual from Guest complaints are inevitable. It is quite hard to make every guest happy and satisfied. In hotel industry while servicing the guest, problems or issues could be raised intentionally or unintentionally which often makes the guests dissatisfied about the service of the hotel. But the number of complaints can be minimized by taking some steps and prior arrangement.

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In this 102 Page manual, we have shared all our secret tips and tricks for better and effective guest complaint handling. From theoretical discussion to case studies analysis – we have cover everything that you will need to handle any complaint or criticism by your guest. Lets look the unit names of this manual:

  1. Welcome Guest Complaint
  2. Principles of Handling Complaints
  3. Taking Precautions to Avoid Complaints
  4. 50 Popular Incidents that Make Your Guest Unhappy at Restaurant
  5. Reasons (with Solution) behind Guest Complaint
  6. Types of Complainer Guest
  7. Value of Dissatisfied Guest
  8. Signs of Unhappy Guest
  9. Most Common Guest Complaints
  10. Steps to Reduce Complaints
  11. Basic Guest Complaint Handling Methods
  12. Step by Step Guest Complaint Handling (SOP)
  13. How To Approach Guest while Handling Complaints
  14. Tips for Handling Angry Guests
  15. Problems in Front Office that Invites Complaint from Guest
  16. How Front Office Staffs should Handle Complaints
  17. Unresolved Complaint Handling Procedures
  18. 10 Case Studies with Possible Solution
  19. How to Handle Difficult Situations
  20. How to Deal with Physically Challenged Guests
  21. Relevant Expressions Used while Handling Guest Complaint
  22. Dialogues

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