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231 Hotel Front Office Power Point Presentations

If you are looking for Hotel Front Office Training power point presentations then we have good news for you. We have converted our Hotel Front Office Training Manual into power point presentations. Now you can enjoy ever aspects of hotel front office through this amazing power point collection. We have shared 231 SOP here. This collection is highly recommended for anyone working in Front Office department in a hotel, restaurant, resort, motel or cruise ships.

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Here is the list of 231 Hotel Front Office Power Point Presentations:

Topic: Reservation Policy & Procedure

  1. Inputting Information into Appropriate Reservation Formshotel-front-office-power-point-presentations
  2. Receiving and Answering Email or Fax Reservation Inquiries
  3. Confirming FIT Room Reservations via Emails and Faxes
  4. Answering / Handling Telephone Calls
  5. Confirming FIT Reservations via Telephone
  6. How to Up-Sell to Booking Parties
  7. Maintaining Liaison with Sales Department for Group Bookings
  8. Reviewing the Following Day's VIP Arrival list
  9. Distributing Reports to all Concerned Departments before Guest Arrival
  10. Replying Guest Queries about Hotel
  11. Documenting Reservation Amendments
  12. Documenting Reservation Cancellations
  13. Reviewing Guest History during Reservations
  14. Checking Guest History Records for Avoiding Discrepancy
  15. Checking the Arrival List Daily
  16. How to Update the Blacklist File
  17. How to Fill-in Reservation Correspondences & Miscellaneous Documents
  18. Maintaining Personal Appearance In Accordance with Hotel Grooming Standard
  19. How to Record Logbook
  20. How to Review Associates’ Tasks
  21. Shift Changing Procedures
  22. How to Prepare Requisition List
  23. Ensuring Adherence to Reservation Policies
  24. Handling Guest Complaints
  25. Ensuring Reservation Confirmation Number

Topic: Reservation Supervisor’s Policy & Procedure

  1. Monitoring Hotel’s Closed out Dates
  2. Monitoring Room & Bed Status during High Occupancy
  3. Preparing Staff's Monthly Roster
  4. Conducting Training of New Reservations Staffs
  5. Monitoring IIT Allotments & Cut-off Dates
  6. Maintaining Relationship with Associates

Topic: Guest Service Agent’s Policy & Procedure

  1. Preparing Requested Reports for Guest for Getting Approval
  2. Monitoring Bulletin Board Regularly
  3. Ensuring Hotel’s Computer Security
  4. Maximizing Selling of Special Program & Room Rate
  5. Making Guest Familiar with Room Facilities
  6. Knowing Updated Room Status
  7. Recognizing Guest Needs
  8. How to Confirm Room Availability
  9. Selling Room Suit to Maximize Revenue
  10. How to Perform Manual Reservation
  11. Entering Guest Reservation into System
  12. Guaranteed Reservation Procedures
  13. Reservation Changing Procedures
  14. Reservation Cancellation Procedures
  15. Guest Registration Procedures
  16. Walk-in Guest Reservation Procedures
  17. Locating Reservation Bookings
  18. How to Present Registration Card
  19. How to Handle different Payment Methods
  20. Managing Travel Agent / Airline Vouchers
  21. Assigning Room to Guests
  22. Registering Guest Information Properly
  23. Informing Guests about Hotel Services & Facilities
  24. Providing Guest Rooming Assistance
  25. Performing Memorable Farewell to Guests
  26. How to Handle Repeat Guests
  27. Providing Local Information to Guests
  28. Informing Guests about Offered Packages
  29. How to Handle Disabled Guests
  30. How to Register Share-with Guests
  31. Handling Trace File/Flags for Internal Use
  32. Informing Guests about Updated Rate Changes
  33. Handling Guest’s Request for Changing Room
  34. Answering Concierge Extension When Concierge is Not Available
  35. Handling Guest’s Messages
  36. How to Perform Wake-up Calls
  37. How to Deal with Non-Registered Guests (NRG)
  38. Delivering Guest’s Mail / Packages
  39. Suggesting Guests to Use Safety Deposit Boxes
  40. Lost & Found Items Handling Procedure
  41. How to Provide Foreign Exchange Service
  42. How to Exchange Traveler’s Checks
  43. How to Handle Miscellaneous Vouchers
  44. How to Process Correction Vouchers
  45. How Process Adjustment Vouchers
  46. How to Process Paid-Outs
  47. How to Handle Guest Comment Card
  48. How to Deal with Late Check-Outs
  49. How to Review Arrival Reports
  50. How to Block a Room
  51. How to Pre-Register VIP Guests
  52. How to Block Guest’s Special Requests
  53. How to Handle Amenity Requirements
  54. How to Take Preparation Before Group Arrival
  55. Handling Rooms & Bed Types
  56. How to Resolve Due Outs & Discrepancies
  57. How to Greet the Guests
  58. How to Maintain Telephone Courtesy
  59. How to Take a Message
  60. How to Maintain Secrecy of Guest Details
  61. How to Maintain Hotel Premises
  62. Allocating Duties of Hotel Staffs

Topic: Cashier’s Policy & Procedure

  1. How to Issue a Safety Deposit Box
  2. How to Allow a Customer to Access to the Safety Deposit Box
  3. How to Close a Safety Deposit Box
  4. How to Conduct a Manual Posting
  5. How to Rebate a Charge
  6. How to Issue a Paid-out
  7. How to Process Payment through Credit Cards
  8. How to Process Payment Made by Voucher
  9. Company Payment Handling Procedures
  10. How to Accept Payment by Third Person
  11. How to Accept Payment by Traveler Cheque
  12. How to Check out a Customer
  13. How to Check out Shared Room
  14. How to Present Guest Folio
  15. How to Process Auditing
  16. How to Handle Float
  17. Ensuring Flexible Cashing Policy
  18. How to Register Advance Deposit
  19. How to Handle Outlet Checks
  20. Daily Checking of Next Day’s Departure List
  21. Daily Checking of Long Stay Customer’s Invoices
  22. Preparing the Transfer of Monthly Long Stay Customer’s Invoices
  23. How to Handle Extended Stay Requests
  24. Processing Guest Check out using Back-up
  25. How to Update Folio Manually
  26. How to Handle Group Check-out
  27. How to Settle Guest Account
  28. How to Handle Late Charges
  29. How to Prepare Shift Audit
  30. How to Handle Deposit Envelope
  31. How to Close Foreign Exchange Float

Topic: Front Office Duty Manager’s Policy & Procedure

  1. Maintaining Grooming & Uniform Standards
  2. How to Review Logbook
  3. How to Check Employee Attendance
  4. How to Conduct Shift Briefing
  5. Things to Do while Attending Meeting
  6. How to Maintain Interaction with Guest
  7. How to Prepare Staff Schedule
  8. How to Conduct Department Orientation
  9. How to Fill out Maintenance Request
  10. How to Conduct Performance Appraisal
  11. How to Discipline Staff
  12. How to Handle F & B Related Guest Complaints
  13. Inspecting Lobby / Desk Area Standards
  14. Supervising Registration
  15. How to Arrange V.I.P. Rooms
  16. I.P. Guest Check In Procedures
  17. How to Welcome VIP Guests
  18. Handling Walk-in Guest on Sold out Days
  19. How to Handle Room Revenue Rebate
  20. How to Handle Disputes
  21. Checking Account with High Balance
  22. Knowing Updated Room Rates & Promotions
  23. How to Handle Guest’s Bedding Request
  24. How to Process No-show Reservation
  25. How to Prepare Skipper’s Report
  26. Resolving Disputed Charges Promptly
  27. How to Handle DND Signed, Double Locked & Refused Rooms
  28. How to Block Out of Order Room
  29. End of Shift Task Procedures
  30. How to Maintain Logbook

Topic: Executive Floor Policy & Procedure

  1. How to Welcome the Guests
  2. Escorting Executive Floor Guests to the Room
  3. Inspecting Pre-Assigned Rooms on the Executive Floor
  4. How to Maintain Overall Cleanliness of the Executive Floor
  5. Supervising the Buffet Breakfast at the Executive Floor
  6. Supervising Cocktail Hour at the Executive Floor
  7. How to Coordinate Wake-Up Call Requests with the Operator
  8. Handling All Guest Queries & Complaints
  9. How to Coordinate with Concierge Desk
  10. How to Record Activities in Guest Relation Logbook
  11. Arranging Business Centre Services on the Executive Floor
  12. Arranging all Executive Floor Room Amenities
  13. Arranging Special Events’ Amenities on Executive Floor
  14. Assisting Executive Floor Guests Regarding Flight Reconfirmation
  15. How to Perform Check-in Procedure of Executive Floor Guests
  16. How to Perform Check-in Procedure of 'Return' Executive Floor Guest
  17. How to Perform Check-in Procedure using Back-up System
  18. How to Handle Travel Vouchers
  19. Special Billing Processing Procedures
  20. How to Perform Check-out Procedure of Executive Floor Guests
  21. How to Perform Check-out Procedure for “Share-with” Room
  22. How to Handle Guest Messages
  23. How to Handle Hold for Arrival (HFA) Items

Topic: Driver’s Policy & Procedure

  1. How to Execute Pre-Trip Inspection
  2. How to Execute Post-Trip Inspection
  3. How to Record Trip Log
  4. How to Plan Traffic Route
  5. How to Maintain Vehicles
  6. How to Clean Vehicles

Topic: Doorman’s Policy & Procedure

  1. How to Assist Guests to Get in & out of Cars
  2. How to Lay out the Floor Mat at the Hotel’s Entrance
  3. How to Assist Guest in Loading & Unloading of Car
  4. How to Open Vehicle Doors for all Guests
  5. How to Load & Unload of Luggage into & from Guest’s Vehicle
  6. How to Get Taxis for Guest on Request
  7. How to Maintain Accessible Driveway
  8. How to Ensure Smooth Operations during Rain

Topic: Guest Service Center Policy & Procedure

  1. How to Handle Outgoing Calls
  2. How to Handle Voice Mail Messages
  3. How to Screen the Call
  4. How to Log Guest Locator Requests
  5. Emergency Call Handling Procedures
  6. How to Monitor Telephone Problems

Topic: Business Service Center Policy & Procedure

  1. Incoming Fax / Email Filing Procedures
  2. Photocopying Procedures
  3. How to Provide Typing Service to Guest
  4. How to Provide Newspaper to Guest
  5. How to Process Courier Service Requests
  6. How to Provide Translation & Interpretation Service
  7. How to Provide Equipment Rental Service
  8. How to Arrange Long Distance Call
  9. How to Prepare Financial Reports

Topic: Bell Desk & Concierge Policy & Procedure

  1. How to Welcome Guests at the Airport
  2. How to Provide Airport to Hotel Transportation Service
  3. How to Provide Hotel to Airport Transportation Service
  4. Guest Rooming Procedures
  5. How to Deliver & Collect Guest Room Luggage
  6. How to Store Guest’s Luggage
  7. Offering Help to Guests with Hand Carried Luggage
  8. How to Deliver & Collect Group Luggage
  9. How to Collect Luggage for Group Check-out
  10. Handling Guest Letters & Internal Mails
  11. Cleaning of Bell Equipment Regularly
  12. Raising / Lowering Hotel Flag Daily
  13. How to Deliver Parcel to Guests
  14. How to Pack Parcels
  15. How to Receive Items requested by In House Guest for Outsiders
  16. How to Receive/Deliver Items for Registered Guests
  17. How to Give & Receive Airline Information & Confirmation
  18. How to Arrange Restaurant & Limousine Reservation
  19. How to Lift Heavy Objects
  20. How to Weigh the Guest Luggage
  21. How to Perform Guest Paging

Topic: Other Various Policy & Procedure

  1. Bucket Checking
  2. How to Use Basic Courtesy Expressions in English
  3. Most Common Guest Service Codes
  4. Stocking Stationary Items for Workstations

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