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5 Star Hotel Service Standards

  1. Bar & Lounge
  2. Bell Staff
  3. Engineering Department
  4. Front Office Agent
  5. Housekeeping
  6. PBX Telephone
  7. Pool Beach Attendant
  8. Reservationist
  9. Restaurant Server
  10. Room Service
  11. Spa Health Attendant
  12. Valet Attendant


  1. Credit Application Form
  2. Credit Application Conference Meeting
  3. Credit Authorization Form
  4. Employee Payroll Summary Form
  5. Employee Rate Increase Information Form
  6. Property Budget Form
  7. Company Account Profile


  1. Competitor Review
  2. Pre Shift Meeting Checklist

Event Management

  1. Booking Form
  2. Wedding Reservation Form
  3. Group Reservation Form
  4. Meeting & Conference Evaluation Form
  5. Meeting Contract Checklists
  6. Meeting & Conference Inquiry Form

Front Office

  1. Front Office Daily Control Sheet
  2. Credit card Authorization Form
  3. Group Reservations Form
  4. Monthly Rooms Forecast Report
  5. Competitive Rate Analysis
  6. Courtesy Call Log Form
  7. Daily Log Form
  8. Discrepancy Report Form
  9. Manager on Duty Report
  10. Pet Policy & Agreement Form
  11. Reservation Denial Form
  12. Wake up Calls Daily Record Form
  13. Day Shift Checklists
  14. Evening Shift Checklists
  15. Night Shift Checklists
  16. Pre Shift Meeting Checklist


  1. Guest Room Amenities Checklist
  2. Competitive Hotel Amenities Analysis
  3. Guest Room Cleaning Checklist
  4. Guest Room Inspection Checklist
  5. Room Attendant Daily Report
  6. Public Area Checklist
  7. Deep Cleaning Checklist
  8. Housekeepers Checklist
  9. Daily-Hostess Station Closing Duties
  10. Housekeeping Attendant Daily Assignment
  11. Maintenance Request Form
  12. Room Attendant Report-Linen Consumption Report

Human Resource

  1. New Hire Checklist
  2. Orientation Checklist
  3. Department Orientation Checklist
  4. Employee Confirmation Review
  5. Employee Performance Review
  6. Training Needs Analysis Form
  7. Training & Development Plan
  8. Employee Discipline Policy & Checklist
  9. Management Interview Form
  10. Accident Investigation Form
  11. Employee Application Form
  12. Job Satisfaction Questionnaire Form
  13. New Employee Information Form
  14. Receipt of Hotel Properties Form
  15. Applicant’s Telephone Reference Check
  16. Employee Termination Form


  1. Kitchen Preparation Checklist
  2. Cleaning Checklist
  3. Stewarding Closing Duties
  4. Kitchen Inspection Checklists


  1. Maintenance Tracking & Follow


  1. Duty Manager Opening Checklist
  2. Duty Manager Closing Checklist
  3. Hotel Pre-Opening Checklist
  4. Management on Duty

Purchase & Storage

  1. Purchasing Checklist
  2. Receiving Checklist
  3. Storing Checklist
  4. Banquet Requisition Form
  5. Hotel Cost Control Checklist

Revenue Management

  1. Monthly Rooms Forecast Form
  2. Monthly Forecast Worksheet Form
  3. Daily Control Sheet Form
  4. Revenue Management Daily Log Template
  5. 3 Month’s Forecast Form
  6. Transient Trends Analysis Form

Safety & Security

  1. Safety Inspection Checklist
  2. Accident Investigation Report


  1. Sales Call Report
  2. Weekly Sales Report
  3. Special Rates & Request Authorization
  4. Target Account List Template
  5. Action Plan Template


  1. Restaurant Opening Checklist
  2. Restaurant Closing Checklist
  3. Bar Opening Checklist
  4. Bar Closing Checklist
  5. Breakfast Quality Standards
  6. Light Meal Standards
  7. Lunch Quality Standards
  8. Dinner Quality Standards
  9. Drink Service Quality Standards
  10. In Room Dining Quality Standards
  11. Mini Bar Quality Standards
  12. Banquet Checklist
  13. Pre-Meal Checklist
  14. Restaurant Manager’s Opening Checklist
  15. Restaurant Manager’s Closing Checklist
  16. Restaurant Manager’s Shift Change Checklist
  17. Banquet Manager’s Closing Checklist
  18. Waiter Training Schedule
  19. Waiter Introduction Plan
  20. Waiter Evaluation Report
  21. Waiter Training Checklist
  22. Waiter Side Work Checklist Week Starting
  23. Server Side Work Checklist Week Starting
  24. Food & Beverage Controls Spot Check Report
  25. Food & Beverage Cost Control Checklist
  26. Breakage Report
  27. Restaurant Daily Cleaning Form
  28. Restaurant Fact Sheet
  29. Telephone Contact List

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