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150 Hotel Housekeeping Power Point Presentation Collection

Hotel Housekeeping Power Point PresentationAre you looking for hotel housekeeping Power point presentation? You have a good news. We have converted our Hotel Housekeeping Training Manual into power point presentation. If you are a hotel housekeeping professional or HR Personnel then you should find these presentations very helpful to train your subordinates. Also you can make notes, prepare assignments if you are a student.

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Here is the list of 150 Hotel Housekeeping Power Point Presentation Collection that you can buy at only 20 USD:

  1. Trolley Setup
  2. Entering Guest Room
  3. Cleaning Guest Room
  4. Cleaning Guest Bathroom
  5. Cleaning Guest Bed
  6. How to Care the Housekeeping Cleaning Equipments
  7. Correct Chemical Usage
  8. Cleaning Light Fixtures
  9. Cleaning Lobby Area
  10. Cleaning Public Area Toilet
  11. Cleaning F&B Outlet
  12. Cleaning the Front Desk Area
  13. Cleaning Back of the House Staircases
  14. Cleaning Elevator
  15. Daily Carpet Maintenance
  16. Room Key Handling
  17. How to Handle DND Rooms
  18. How to Prevent a Fire
  19. Lost & Found Handling
  20. Grooming & Appearance
  21. Check Uniform & Grooming Standards
  22. Body Language & Attitude
  23. How to Conduct Briefing
  24. Communicate with Housekeeping Department
  25. How to Greet the Guest
  26. Dect Phone Control
  27. Occupational Health and Safety
  28. Monthly Linen Inventory
  29. Master Key Sign out Procedure
  30. Sign in Procedure
  31. Sign out Procedure
  32. Guest Room Amenities & Supplies Set Up
  33. Do Not Disturb ” Procedure for Rooms
  34. Clean Room Procedure
  35. How to Clean the Electric Kettle
  36. How to Clean the Glasses
  37. How to Clean Ice Bucket
  38. How to Change Pillow Case
  39. How to Remove Laundry Wooden Boxes / Hangers
  40. Reporting to the Guest Floor
  41. How to Make up Bed
  42. How to Clean the Bath Room Floor
  43. How to Clean the Mini Bar
  44. How to Dust the Furniture
  45. How to clean the mirror
  46. How to Clean the Bath Tub
  47. How to Clean the Shower Room
  48. How to Clean the Bath Room Wall
  49. How to Clean the Vanity Top and Hand Basin
  50. How to Clean / Polish the Bathroom Fittings
  51. How to Clean the Toilet Bowl
  52. How to Vacuum the Carpet
  53. How to Clean the Telephone Set
  54. How to Handle Wake-up Call
  55. Guest Shoe Shine Service
  56. Safe Deposit Box Needs to be Opened in Checked out guest room
  57. How to Handle the Left Guest Room Vine Card
  58. Extra Bed and Baby Cot Procedure
  59. Guest Laundry Pick up During Room Check
  60. Guest Laundry Pick up Requirement via Receiving Call Check
  61. Fold Towel
  62. How to Remove Room Service Basket
  63. How to Clean Guest Floor Corridor
  64. How to Assist Guest with Luggage/Parcel
  65. Mini-Bar Consumption Check
  66. Mini-Bar Daily Replenishment
  67. Breakages, Loss and Damage Procedures
  68. How to Handle “Open Door” Request
  69. How to Check Guest Floor Corridor
  70. How to Inspect Bathroom
  71. Care and Handling of Guest’s Belongings
  72. Returning Keys and Worksheet
  73. Check into Housekeeping Office
  74. Vacuum Carpet after Washed
  75. How to Escort Guest to Elevator
  76. Cleaning Chemical using in Housekeeping
  77. How to Polish Wooden Surface
  78. How to use and clean a Vacuum Cleaner
  79. Guest Laundry Emergency
  80. Super Clean Program
  81. One Entry Room System
  82. Zero Room Defects
  83. Turn Down Service
  84. Push Brush Sweeping
  85. Dust Mopping
  86. Wet Mopping
  87. Wall Washing by Hand
  88. How to Clean the A/C Grill
  89. How to Shampoo Carpet ---Extraction
  90. How to Clean Upholstery Fabric
  91. How to Clean Wall-paper
  92. Cleaning of Offices
  93. Cloak Room Procedure
  94. Staircase Cleaning
  95. How to Clean Windows
  96. Stone Floor Scrubbing
  97. How to Spot Clean Carpet
  98. Dry Foam Shampoo on Carpet
  99. Cleaning of Outlets
  100. Inspection of Back of the House
  101. Cleaning of Lobby
  102. PA. Store Room
  103. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Return
  104. How to Polish Brass
  105. How to Clean Skidproof and Dustproof Pad
  106. How to Crystallize the Marble Floor
  107. How to Maintain and Clean Leather Surface
  108. Guest on Loan Items Control
  109. Cleaning of Pantry/Store Room
  110. Washroom Care
  111. Check into Public Area Service Associates
  112. Prepare Daily Work Allocation
  113. Lobby Inspection
  114. Inspection of Lifts
  115. Inspection of Restroom
  116. Inspection of Outlets
  117. Inspection of Back Stairs
  118. Inspection of Pantry/Store room
  119. Guest Laundry Check
  120. How to Handle Laundry Discrepancy
  121. Damage Laundry Confirmation
  122. Guest Laundry Deposit Service
  123. How to Handle Guest Laundry Express and Pressing Service
  124. Guest Laundry Delivering
  125. D.N.D Room Guest Laundry Service
  126. Guest Complaining Handling
  127. Linen Discard
  128. Preparation for a Guest’s Arrival
  129. Rooming a Guest
  130. Uniform Cleaning and Maintenance
  131. Guest Welcome Tea Service
  132. Checking the Logbook
  133. How to Serve Food to the Guest
  134. How To Serve The Drink To The Guest
  135. Answering an Internal Call
  136. Answering an External Call
  137. Making an Internal Call
  138. Making an External Call
  139. Mattress Turning
  140. How to Escort a Guest to the Table
  141. How to Strip & Seal the Floor
  142. Cleaning Public Restroom
  143. Furniture Removal / Relocation
  144. Wet Mattresses – Cleaning Procedure
  145. How to Clean & Defrost the Refrigerator
  146. How to Operate the Scrubbing Machine
  147. Routine or Daily Floor Maintenance Cycle
  148. How to Damp Mop
  149. How to Care & Clean the Sun-umbrella
  150. How to Operate the Buffing Machine

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