F & B Service Training Manual with 225 SOP


Finally our most waited F & B Service training manual is available now. This “Food & Beverage Service Training Manual with 225 SOP will be a great learning tool for both novice and professional hoteliers. This is an ultimate practical training guide for millions of waiters and waitresses and all other food service professionals all round the world. If you are working as a service staff in any hotel or restaurant or motel or resort or in any other hospitality establishments or have plan to build up your career in service industry then you should grab this manual as fast as possible. Lets have a look why this Food & Beverage Service training manual is really an unique one.

We have covered almost everything that you will need in your career as a F & B Service professional. We are very confident on our manual so we would like to request you to download preview copy first and see what we have covered in this manual. Must read the index page with deep attention.

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Topics covered in this manual are:

  1. F & B Ethics
  2. How to Maintain Personal Hygiene
  3. General Service Rules
  4. Grooming
  5. Honesty
  6. Attendance
  7. Food & Beverage DO’S & DONT’S
  8. Anticipating Guest Needs
  9. Be knowledgeable about the Entire Hotel
  10. Service Sequence
  11. Up-Selling
  12. Safety Regulations
  13. Staff Behavior
  14. Scheduling Staffs
  15. Team Briefing
  16. Tips Distribution
  17. Assignments of Duties
  18. Achievement Reviews
  19. Communicate with other Department
  20. As a Representative of the Organization
  21. How to Take Care of the Working Area
  22. Behavior during Service
  23. How to Receive Telephone Reservation
  24. How to Take Restaurant Reservation
  25. How to Greet the Guest
  26. How to Take Preparation for Service
  27. How to Answer the Phone
  28. How to Seat a Guest
  29. How to Place Lap on Guest Lap
  30. How to Present Menu & Wine List
  31. How to Take Drink Order
  32. How to Take Food Order
  33. How to Serve Drink Order
  34. How to Serve Food Order
  35. Adjusting Covers
  36. How to Carry a Round Tray
  37. How to Carry a Rectangular Tray
  38. How to Serve Champagne
  39. How to Serve Beer
  40. How to Set-up a Classroom Style Banquet Event
  41. How to Set-up a Theater Style Banquet Event
  42. How to Set-up a U Shape Style Banquet Event
  43. How to Set-up a Hollow Square Style Banquet Event
  44. How to Serve Juice
  45. How to Serve Bottled Water
  46. How to Provide Napkin Service
  47. How to Provide Buffet Service
  48. How to Provide Banquet Service
  49. How to Serve Beverage
  50. How to Polish Chinaware
  51. How to Polish Glassware
  52. How to Polish Cutlery
  53. How to Prepare & Serve a Cup of Espresso
  54. How to Prepare & Serve a Cup of Cappuccino
  55. How to Open & Serve Sparkling Wine
  56. How to Open & Serve White Wine
  57. How to Open & Serve Red Wine
  58. How to Prepare & Serve Ice Tea
  59. How to Prepare & Serve Hot Chocolate
  60. How to Prepare & Serve Decaffeinated Coffee
  61. How to Open Sake
  62. How to Open a Function Room
  63. How to Open a Bar
  64. How to Check a Function Room
  65. How to Check a Buffet
  66. How Refresh a Function Room
  67. How to Arrange a Coffee Break
  68. How to Set up a Rectangular Table
  69. How to Set up a Bar
  70. How to Set up a Cocktail Table
  71. How to Set up a Sit Down Buffet
  72. How to Clean & Refill a Sauce Bottle
  73. How to Set-up a Portable Bar
  74. How to Serve in a Chinese Event
  75. How to Place and Change the Bone Plate
  76. How to Provide Soup Service
  77. How to Serve Steamed Fish
  78. How to Handle Chemical Safely
  79. Mise-En-Place (Things in Right Place)
  80. How to Close the Banquet Event
  81. How to Deliver Ice Bucket
  82. How to Serve Beverage in Restaurant
  83. Beverage Service Procedures
  84. Different Kinds of Beverage Services
  85. How to Serve Elderly Guests
  86. How to Serve Infant or Young Guests
  87. How to Serve Disabled or Handicapped Guests
  88. How to Serve Non-native or Foreign Language-Speaking Guests
  89. Order Taking-Room Service
  90. Order Delivery-Room Service
  91. How to Check Sequence
  92. How to Clear & Check Table
  93. How to Place Tooth Picks
  94. How to Serve Breakfast
  95. How to Prepare Garnish
  96. How to Receive Stock & Storage
  97. How to Take Beverage Inventory
  98. How to Fill in a Full Bottle Sales Form
  99. How to Serve a Mixed Drink
  100. How to Serve Birthday Cake
  101. How to Serve Cigar
  102. How to Pick up Beverage Items
  103. How to Serve a Packet of Cigarette
  104. How to Take Regular Follow-ups
  105. How to Serve Single Guest
  106. How to Serve Guests with Health Issues
  107. Beverage Service-Aperitif
  108. Beverage Service-Liqueurs
  109. Beverage Service-Port & Sherry
  110. How to Serve Soft Drinks
  111. How to Position Chairs and Tables
  112. How to Set-up Sugar Substitute Pot & Sugar Packet Caddies
  113. Taking Off the Menu Order
  114. How to Monitor Service
  115. How to Serve Chinese Tea
  116. How to Serve Japanese Tea
  117. Closing Duties
  118. How to Stack Soiled Glassware
  119. How to Stack Soiled Chinaware
  120. How to Stock All Serviceware
  121. How to Check Shot Glass
  122. How to Check Beverage Stock
  123. How to Perform Silent Service
  124. How to Place Cocktail Napkin
  125. How to Serve Cognac
  126. How to Perform in any Emergency Situation
  127. How to Polish Silverware
  128. How to Stock Ice
  129. How to Treat Injured or Ill guests
  130. How to Check Bar
  131. Food & Beverage Transfer
  132. How to Handle Intoxicated Guests
  133. How to Handle Wrong Order
  134. How to Handle Guest Complaint
  135. How to Handle Guest’s Request
  136. How to Handle an Accident while Serving the Guest
  137. How to Deal with Guest’s Special Food Request
  138. How to Provide Specialized Advice on Food
  139. Prevention of Accidents – First Aid
  140. How Not to Say “No” to a Guest
  141. How to Treat all Guests Equally
  142. How to Maintain Quality Control
  143. How to Handle Cruet Set Warmer
  144. How to Check F&B Outlet Presentation
  145. How to Report in Writing
  146. How to Report Verbally
  147. Maintaining Non-Smoking Zone
  148. Configuring Mini-Bar Snacks Items
  149. How to Handle Menu
  150. How to Maintain Daily Log Book
  151. How to Prevent Linen Misuse
  152. Code of Conduct
  153. Complementary F&B Items
  154. Discount Policy
  155. How to Take Guest’s Belongings
  156. How to Gain Menu & Beverage Knowledge
  157. How to Set-up a Western Meal
  158. How to Serve Western Buffet Event
  159. How to Remove Bread Crumbs from Table
  160. How to Serve Cocktail
  161. Learn about Alcohol Beverage Service
  162. Beverage Service – Flambé Coffee
  163. How to Serve Condiments
  164. How to Serve Bottled Wine
  165. Pre-service Checklist
  166. Decanting Port
  167. How to set-up Sugar Bowl
  168. How to Develop the Menu
  169. Closing the Outlets
  170. Corkage Policy
  171. How to Serve Lunch
  172. How to Prepare Side Station
  173. How to Set Table for Breakfast
  174. How to Set Table for Lunch & Dinner
  175. How to Serve Ice Water
  176. How to Clear Plates, Glasses & Cutlery
  177. How to Offer & Serve Dessert Items
  178. How to Serve Bread & Butter Service
  179. How to Serve Tea or Coffee
  180. How to Present a Bill
  181. How to Handle Cash Payment
  182. How to Handle Credit Card Payment
  183. How to Handle Room Charge & City Ledger Payment
  184. How to Change an Ashtray
  185. How to Set-up a Chinese set for Lunch or Dinner
  186. How to Serve Cold and Hot Towels
  187. How to Handle Broken or Damaged Items
  188. How to Avoid Wastage of Food & Beverages Items
  189. How to Create a Link Between kitchen and Service Areas
  190. How to Maintain Guest Information Confidentiality
  191. How to Maintain Hotel Information Confidentiality
  192. How to Set Buffet Lunch & Dinner
  193. How to Take a Reservation Directly from a Guest
  194. How to Provide Information about Hotel Facilities
  195. How to Provide Information about Off-site Locations
  196. How to Escort a Guest to the Buffet Table and Give an Introduction
  197. How to Serve Friends & Family in your Hotel
  198. How to Deal with Food or Drink spilt on a Guest
  199. How to Prevent Others from Stepping on Spilt Food/Drinks on the Floor
  200. How to Serve a Glass of House Wine
  201. How to React to a Negative Comment from a Guest
  202. How to Maintain Flow in Traffic at the Workplace
  203. How to Count & Change Linen
  204. How to Change Flowers
  205. How to Fill in a Beverage Requisition
  206. How to Prepare the Pantry Area
  207. How to Operate a Bar
  208. How to Handle a Returned Beverage & Dish
  209. How to Thank & Farewell Guest
  210. How to Fill in an Inter Bar Transfer Form
  211. How to Close a Bar
  212. How to Handle Germs in the Kitchen / Restaurant
  213. Checking on Service
  214. Handling Guest when the Restaurant is Booked out
  215. Restaurant Reservation and Cancellation Policy
  216. Clearing & Re-Setting Table
  217. Clearing the Restaurant
  218. Pool Service
  219. Cost Reduction Methods
  220. Check points for Supervisor
  221. How to Take Orders from Seniors
  222. How to Deliver Guest Cocktails Invitations
  223. Wine Testing
  224. How to Open the Outlet
  225. How to Conduct Monthly Training

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If you are still confused then here are few key points about this manual that you MUST love

  1. A concise but complete and to the point Food & Beverage Service Training Manual.
  2. Here you will get 225 restaurant service standard operating procedures.
  3. Not a boring Text Book type. It is one of the most practical F & B Service Training Manual ever.
  4. Highly Recommended Training Guide for novice hoteliers and hospitality students.
  5. Must have reference guide for experienced food & beverage service professionals.
  6. Written in easy plain English.
  7. No mentor needed. Best guide for self study.

How to Buy: This training manual is available in 2 different formats.

(1) Ebook Edition: There is no reason you should wait to grab this manual. Buy from us directly through PayPal and get the ebook in your email inbox within few seconds. Right after paying through PayPal, download link will be sent to your inbox automatically. The great things about Ebook edition is that you can read in your computer or ebook reader. Even you can copy or edit and take notes. You can also print out the manual if you need. Click on the image below if you want to buy ebook version:

Price: $20

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(2) Paperback Edition:


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  6. Please compare the f&b service & front office.
    Tell me advantages & disadvantages of both.
    I m facing problem to decide my career.

    • If you build up your career in F & B Service field then you will have more job since large number of F & B Service related staffs are needed everywhere comparing to front office. But you should listen to your heart. If you don’t have passion on it then choose the other one.

    • For them who can’t afford, our FREE to READ tutorials are very much available here in this web site. You shouldn’t expect everything FREE in the world. Otherwise you will not get quality resources.

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    Which material from your site do you suggest me to buy as Assistant FB manager I would like to set standards in FB department but mainly with photos;f.e.
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    Do you think your FB SOP’s could help me?

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