How to Handle Angry Guest in Hotel & Restaurant

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Angry Guest Handling Method

  1. Pay attention to listen to the details while the guest is talking so that you can show your concern toward guest and to get a clue to solve the problem.
  2. Start your talking with the guest by thanking the guest for bringing the matter to your attention.
  3. Never lose your temper and remain calm with the guest since providing highest level of service is your top priority.
  4. Try to first make isolate the guest so that other guests won’t overhear and it does not affect in your profession.Handle Angry Guest Hotel Restaurant
  5. Do not argue with the guest even if the guest is wrong. Never let the guest to feel that you are against what he is saying.
  6. While talking with the guest, try to greet guest by his/her name to show your personal attention toward guest.
  7. Show compassion to the guest but of course maintaining the self-esteem of the guests.
  8. Record properly every single details properly of the guest properly so that you would not miss any important information which you may need later to resolve the matter.
  9. Try to handle only the problem that you are able to solve or refer to your supervisor or your manager for rapid progress.
  10. Ask all questions to the guest that are necessary to solve the problem and then restate it so the guest knows you understand the complaint correctly.
  11. Always try to handle the situation from guest’s standpoint. If needed ask the guest for suggestions on how to solve the problem.
  12. Assure guest that proper measures will be taken as per requirement and give expected time that will be needed to solve the problem.
  13. Inform the guest what can be the best done. Never give commitment which you are not capable of.
  14. Review the complaint and find out the solution within allocated time.
  15. Take remedial measures to the guests such as: complimentary fruits, gifts, letter of apology.
  16. Pay attention to the attitude and language and manners to be polite and take effective measures under any circumstance.
  17. Enhance training among the employees to avoid repetition.
  18. Monitor remedial measures and ensure prompt delivery of the solution to keep the image of the hotel.
  19. Take feedback and give update to the guest so that guest would be aware of the solving procedures.
  20. Learn convincing techniques to deal with any angry guest.
  21. Check the complaints whether it is relevant or not.
  22. Never conduct or discus any guest’s complaint in front of outsider or in public places.
  23. Never pass on the guest to other departments. Take the complaints from the guest and pass it to the concerned department for actions to be taken.
  24. Contact with other relevant department to investigate and handle the situation.
  25. When you handle any complaint deal with it real concern. Take the complaint of your own which will turn the situation into a positive outcome and motivate you to take quick actions.

Follow these tips while managing any guest complaint to increase your success rate and ensure highest level of guest satisfaction. Always remember a happy guest can markedly contribute in your business because:

  • Build long term relationship with the hotel.
  • Recommend the name of the hotel to others.
  • Take other services of the hotel.
  • Admire the hotel staffs and other service.

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