How to be Good Hotel Manager

A hotel manager has to be a square type of person, in other words he/she has to be a complete person or a perfect person in doing things with a correct decision. He/she has to have the power of seeing things more clearly which are not present to senses. A manager with perception and far-sightedness is able to perceive ideas, facts, events, incidents and accidents outside of the ordinary ranges of human senses. A good manager must possess leadership quality and should be able to make quick decision in solving problems.

A hotel manager has to be versatile, specialist, businessman, administrator, accountant and controller, salesman, diplomat, a gastronomer, a personality and a complete man. Manager usually likes to give orders in implementing decisions. This should not be an all-time practice because this does not motivate the employees and therefore, this is not fruitful. Try to motivate them to get the job done creating a positive environment.

managerial skill hotel managerKnowledge is the natural source of authority. Hotel managers should develop the habit of reading the hotel industry related journals/magazines to keep themselves up-dated professionally. Cooperation, coordination and open-mindness with employees are pre-requisites for peace and good service. Managers should think, discuss, advice and work together with the sense of human equality to help the employees for more efficient operation and better quality service. Here nobody is assuredly a fool. So, intervention is to be avoided as much as possible. Each employee is responsible and accountable for his/her assignments. Employees like to work with dignity and rights.

Information sharing among employees is also necessary but if there is lack of mutual trust then sharing a full range of information among employees is risky, because chances of information leakage remain there. In service oriented organization money is not only the capital but employees are the most important sources for hotel business to ensure quality guest service.

Managers should make a schedule for training their staffs, specially for the newly recruited employees. Training is also an instrument in a hotel. Now-a-days academic or university certificate is nothing to be proud of, because the certificate holders do not possess the education of their certificate standard. What they received from their schools/colleges may not be any practical use. So, intensive training programs are essential.

Why training is Important:

  • Trained manpower for the specific field is not easily available.
  • Training is not the substitute of experience which gained over couple of hours.
  • Training helps a person to do a job more efficiently.
  • Training motivates towards self-development and self-confidence.
  • Training eliminates the anxiety of staffs so that they can do the job correctly.
  • Training helps to make a well-coordinated team.

Here are some few suggestions to face hostile circumstances successfully and to become a good manager.

  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Eliminate health-sapping habits.
  • End nervousness, tension, headaches and other pesky health problems.
  • Enhance relationship with other personnel.
  • Enlist support from superiors.
  • Inspire discipline and efficiency.
  • Get restful sleep nightly without drugs.
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude.
  • Manage time so as to get more done.
  • Plan personal and business goals and achieve them.
  • Ride unperturbedly through stress.
  • Develop a super memory.
  • Trigger more mental capacity when needed.
  • Be a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Tap a source spring of creative ideas.
  • Stand as an inspiration to others.
  • Make this a better world to live in.
  • Improve subordinates abilities to follow instruction.
  • Eliminate feelings unfair treatment.
  • Reduce discipline problems.
  • Improve punctuality.
  • Communicate more officially.
  • Heighten moral as well as physical and mental well being.
  • Harmonize employee management relationship.

Thus maintaining all the above, the full picture of you as a manager will be seen as you programmed in the days ahead.

Readers, What Will you Do When:

  • Handling difficult guest without making any unpleasant situation.
  • Handle heavy drinker who kills normal environment.
  • Getting more done each day and helping others to do same with no sweat or stress.
  • Your supervisor differs with your opinion.
  • Solving sudden problems and long-range problems in ways that may surprise you.
  • Saying the right thing at meetings and thus contributing to the sought after goal.
  • Your supervisor/staff takes a unique advantage.

Note: Dear Readers, these are questions only…………I am not trying to make any answer to those. Those are just reminder to make you prepared and conscious to face the situation successfully.

5 Deadly Signs of Leadership

Following are the five deadly signs of leadership. Rare are the managers who can claim total freedom from all five of these traits. So, let us try with our heart and soul to be from these deadly signs, which damage our managerial leadership.

  1. Arrogance: a tendency to claim credit for yourself but give little to others.
  2. Pride: an overwhelming sense of one’s importance.
  3. Haughtiness: feeling a high regard for yourself but a poor regard for others.
  4. Vanity: an intense desire for admiration and praise.
  5. Disdain: feeling contemptuous of the inferiority of others compared to you.



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