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Job Description of Room Attendant or Hotel Maid

Hotel Room Attendant or Room Boy or Maid is one of the most important job positions in hotel housekeeping department. Housekeeping Room attendant is responsible for guest room’s cleanliness. In fact, a room attendant’s ultimate duty is to ensure that guest room and public areas of a hotel, resort or motel are clean, ready to use, hygienic and presented in a attractive way. Room attendants are those rare professionals who very frequently comes in contact with guests, so he should be friendly, pleasant, supportive, knowledgeable about his establishment and surroundings and addresses guest’s problems and requirements properly.

Today, you are going to learn about everything a room attendant or room boy or maid needs to perform in a hotel, motel, resort, lodge or inn. This is the 3rd tutorial of our Hotel and Restaurant Job Description series. Previously we have shared job description of waiter or waitress and job responsibilities of bartender do read those.

Job Description and Responsibilities of a Room Attendant or Maid

Job Description of Room Attendant roomboy maid

  • Job Title: Room Attendant or Roomboy or Maid
  • Report to: Floor Supervisor.
  • Department: Housekeeping
  • Working Area:
  1. Guest Rooms.
  2. Guest Corridors.
  3. Service Corridors
  4. Housekeeping Office.

Room Attendant Job Overview

Meaning of room attendant or the job of a Room Attendant can described as the assigned person for and accomplishing the cleanliness standard of the hotel’s guest room and service areas.

Essential Responsibilities for Room Attendant Job

  • Adhere to the hotel standard and correct procedures for ensuring proper maintenance and use of room amenity. Also be informed about other hotel services and local attractions so as to be able to answer any guest’s query instantly.
  • Clean guest room according to the category of the room but ensuring highest level of cleanliness of all room regardless of the status of the guest room. Update status of rooms after completion of cleaning on assignment sheet.
  • Report any maintenance deficiencies if found while attending guest room.
  • Handle and resolve guest requests or complaints to achieve guest delight, if needed pass the complaints to the higher authority.
  • The room attendant always has to maintain the secrecy and security of all guest rooms and guest room keys.
  • Anticipate guests’ needs and demands and act accordingly as early as possible regardless of any situation or time of day.
  • Always ensure healthy relationship with guest so that guest can keep faith on the room attendant while attending his/her room.
  • Check to ensure the overall cleanliness and sanitation of assigned work areas.
  • Vacuum the carpet and wipe all surfaces of the guest room to clean and dry. Return the vacuum cleaner to the pantry after cleaning it.
  • Know the accurate method for applying cleaning chemicals for designated surfaces as per hotel standard.
  • Position the cleaning supplies, guest amenities and linens from the housekeeping cart to assigned guest room securely and perfectly. Return and refill the housekeeping cart at end of shift.
  • Vacate the dustbin, vacuum bag and ashtrays and replace laundry bags and slips regularly.
  • Replace old amenities with new ones where required. Ensure presence of hangers, extra blanket, pillow, luggage rack, fire safety, rate cards and DND (Do Not Disturb) sign in the guest room.
  • Replenish the bathroom with fresh amenities and place them in the correct location. Clean the bathroom thoroughly for removing any kind soil, dirt, soap build-up and hair from the following area:
  1. Bathroom mirrorsmaid-room-attendant-job-descripton
  2. Vanity and sink
  3. Toilet
  4. Shower walls
  5. Bathtub
  6. Shower curtain
  7. Bathroom floor
  • Make the guest bed with clean and fresh linen and remove the soiled linen for cleaning, ensure that the clean linens are not mixed up with it.
  • Spray air freshener in the guest room.
  • Handover the lost and found items from guest rooms to the Supervisor.
  • Check the clock on room in correct time and set correct TV channel.
  • Regularly monitor the condition of the furniture for any damage and need for repair. Report any damages or requirement for repairing to the supervisor.
  • Clean ice bucket and replenish the bucket if needed.
  • Readjust furniture according to floor plan of the guest room.
  • Clean all light fittings and arrangements in the room; ensure that they are properly working and always sparkling.
  • After the guest departure, check all drawers and corners and remove items if left by guests. Clean properly all check out rooms including closet, drawers, corners and doors.
  • Clean and restock the mini bar; check to see it is properly plugged in and tightly locked.
  • Collect dirty guest laundry and provide washed laundry if any.
  • Offer shoe shine service to guest if required.
  • Perform turn down service if the room attendant works in the second shift.
  • Remove Dust and Debris from the following room amenities and arrangements that are situated in the Guest Room:
  1. Chair, sofa, table and other furniture.
  2. Decorative wall hanging pictures, frames and mirrors.
  3. T.V., telephone, clock radio, remote control and cable box.
  4. Entrance Door, windows, drapes ledges and frames.
  5. A/C unit, vents, grids and thermostat.
  6. Baseboards, ledges, balcony and corners.

Additional Task for Room Attendant or Hotel Maid

  • Report Housekeeping Office and sign in on time.
  • Check to ensure the list of VIP in-house and expected VIP arrivals.
  • Prepare all required equipment and the housekeeping cart for today’s cleaning.
  • Clean the corridor, ashtrays and elevator door and carpet.
  • Check to ensure that room status is correct with Room Status Report.
  • Perform early request for cleaning of occupied rooms.
  • Block and clean the designated check-out rooms for VIP arrivals.
  • Assisting in the taking inventory of guestroom supplies and linens.
  • Create daily achievement and consumption report and submit to the supervisor.
  • Aiding Supervisor in directing room checking.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the management.

Uniform Standard for Room Attendant

  • Wear clean and pressed uniform with name badge.
  • For male attendant, hair must be short and showered and for female attendant, the hair must be tied back off the face.
  • Nails are to be clean and short.
  • Female room attendant are allowed to do very light make-up.
  • Male room attendant should wear a watch and a ring as jewelry and female attendant can wear small earrings.
  • Plain black shoes and black socks are allowed for male and black shoes and light brown stockings are allowed for female.

Requirement to be a Room Attendant

  • Aptitude to work under heavy work load.maid room attendant job
  • Ability to handle angry guest or any difficult situation in a calm and professional way.
  • Capacity to follow directions from supervisor and act accordingly.
  • Understanding attitude towards guests.
  • Mental attitude to work as a team member.
  • Communication skill to maintain relation with guests, management and co-workers.
  • Through knowledge of cleaning chemical handling.
  • Fluency in speaking English and also in second language.
  • Prior experience in maintaining guest relationship, prior knowledge about hospitality industry and cleaning standard.

Salary of a Room Attendant

According to the latest report from Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Employment estimates for Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners is 926,240.
  • Median salary is $9.97
  • Median Annual wage $20,740

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