24 Rules for All Hoteliers

In a hotel there are lots of staffs. If everyone follows some rules and regulations and work properly then there is no reason you can not get 100% customer satisfaction and make profit. Today we will learn some must practice tips. These tips should be practiced by all hoteliers.

24 Rules for Hoteliers:

  1. Always Smile & if possible try to greet your guest by name (If he or she is a regular guest). If you can’t then address him or her as “Sir” or “Madam”.
  2. While approach to your guest try to maintain eye contact and speak to the guest in a warm, friendly, courteous manner.
  3. All phone calls should be answered within 3 rings in all departments. Telephone etiquette shall be adhered to at all times. Remember “the voice with a smile”.
  4. Always present yourself in a professional manner. Try to look like neat, clean and cheerful.
  5. As you are the part of your establishment so overall neatness, cleanliness of your hotel or restaurant is the responsibility of every associates, front and back of the house.
  6. Uniforms are to be cleaned, pressed and sewn, name tags to be worn, shoe must adhere to departmental standards, clean and well polished. Read this Tutorial: Uniform of a Waiter working in hotel or restaurant.
  7. Be knowledgeable about your local area. Often guest may seek your suggestion. It will sound too bad if you can’t answer him properly.
  8. Entrance and reception desk will never be left unattended (24 hours). This will certainly give a VERY BAD impression. Staffs working in night shift should strictly maintain this rule.
  9. No guests should keep waiting longer than 10 minutes for any kind of request. If you need more time then give him follow ups. Keep waiting a guest for a long time without informing gives bad impression and guest may feel insulted. Acknowledge guest in queue or waiting for service and apologize for any delay. Use this polite Expressions that are often used in Hotel & restaurant.
  10. All departments should carry log book and report any opportunity and challenge they face on their day to day operation. This will help to improve, Corridors and exits should be free of room service trays and free of obstruction. There should be easy walking way for both guest and staffs.
  11. Wines and beverage list must be presented to all guests. Be knowledgeable about your stock.
  12. Don’t be afraid to attend on guest complaint. Try to Learn how to approach and resolve while guest completing. Try to follow these smart tips to handle guest complaints.
  13. All associates must promote the Hotel food and Beverage outlets with confidence. Having suggestive selling skill is necessary.
  14. All linen for guest (e.g. room and food and beverage) should be free of stains and hotels. Recheck all the time.
  15. Floral arrangements need to be fresh and good looking and match with standard of your hotel.
  16. All staffs must report any maintenance defect during operation.
  17. Empty all trash or dust bin on every shift.
  18. Make Brass work and stainless steel look clean and shiny and must oil trolley regularly.
  19. Public rest rooms need to be cleaned and keep dry at all times. Staffs should have knowledge on hygiene and sanitation.
  20. Maintain a correct inventory of furniture, fixture and operating equipment.
  21. If you cannot fulfill any request, must always offer alternatives.
  22. Always try to show your eagerness to help your guest. Be enthusiastic all the time.
  23. Always greet your colleagues as “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening”
  24. All articles found in any department are to be handed over to the Lost and Found department for Safe-keeping.


  1. I just wondering something.
    Could you tell me about it?

    Actually the hotel that I work has very few staff.
    So, my boss said we should cover 2 phone calls and visiting guest at the same time.

    If telephone bell at front desk ring when I am handling my guest, what should I do?
    I should excuse my guest and handling phone call or should just handle visiting guest?
    Which way is right?

    • You should attend the call first and beg few seconds and then excuse your guest standing in front of you or refer him to other agent and then complete your conversation over telephone. Try to make it short or tell the caller that you will call him back within specific period of time.Don’t forget to note down his or her name and telephone number

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  3. i have learnt very important things your website and has added value to my professional live as a hotelier hope to be recieving more tutorial on hotel management on this web site.

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