Preparation Before Hotel & Restaurant Job Interview

Hospitality industry is more or less high paying sector. Young adults want to build up career in hotel or restaurant industry so that they can get good salary and secure his future. There are many job sectors for a hotel or restaurant or motel management student can start his or her career. Previously we have shared 20 amazing tips to handle hotel job interview. In our today’s ultimate guide we have covered everything that you should strictly follow while taking preparation before facing job interview at any hotel, restaurant, motel, cruise ship and so on.

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What to Do Before Attending Hotel or Restaurant Job Interview

Before attending the job interview in any hotel or restaurant or any hospitality establishment, you have to take some preparations. This is very important. Proper preparation before interview sometimes determines the ultimate success. Here are some top secret tips you should follow:

Research Your Employer

Researching potential employer will give you some advantages in the main interview session. In the previous chapter, I discussed about this issue. If you research your employer then you will get some advantages like:

  1. You will feel more confidentresearch-your-employer
  2. You can share your thoughts during the interview
  3. Interviewer will be more favorable than your other colleagues
  4. You can easily answer some tough question like “what is your expected salary” as your previous research can help you to determine the range.
  5. You can match your skills, ability and knowledge with the employer.

Previously I discussed how important it is to know the employer. So, I believe you have set your mind to do that from now on. Here are some quick tips on how you can research your employer properly:

  • Undoubtedly, internet is the biggest source of information. Nowadays almost all the hotel, restaurant, resort, cruise line or other organizations have their own business websites. That should be your prime source of information about the employer.
  • If you are applying through any recruitment firm or agency or from job fair then try to manage brochure or newsletter of that employer.
  • Your school, college or university job placement office may give you some resources. Your teacher may also help you.
  • Use social networking sites. If you can search properly then there is a high chance you may find someone who may work over there or at least know about the organization.
  • If the employer is very small or so new and you can’t get any information then go to the office directly and talk to them. You should go there as a prospective business client not as interviewee. If you don’t hide your objective then they may reluctant to give you information.

Doing Some Rehearsal

rehearsal-before-job-interviewWe all know “Practice makes a man perfect”. Even world’s number 1 player or actor or singer keeps practicing all the time. So, before attending final interview try to find one of your friend or family member and request him or her to take a mock interview. There are some obvious questions you may be asked. Later in this chapter, you will see a list of most common questions I have prepared for you. Request your friend to ask you question from that list. Also in your free time you should rehearsal your answer in front of mirror and in loud voice so that you can hear at least. This will give you an idea how do you look at while answering. If you find that your gesture or posture is not correct or you look nervous then try to overcome those problems by practicing regularly.

Proper Dressing

dress-code-hotel-job-interviewRemember whatever you wear, it represents your personality. You need to look professional. It is better to be overdressed than under dressed. To avoid last minute clothing disasters, you should select your dress day before your interview. The cloths should be free of stains and winkles and ironed properly. Your shoe should be well polished, cleaned and looked shined. Also pay attention on your personal hygiene. Your hair should be well cut, style should be decent. Fingernails should be clean and cut.

Ideal Business Dress for
Ideal Business Dress for Woman
  • Suit (Black or Gray is good)
  • Conservative tie (Match with suit & Shirt)
  • Full Sleeve Shirt (preferable dark color)
  • Matching Belt (Not fancy looking)
  • Dark Socks (Black is preferable)
  • Dress Shoes (Black or any color match with your dress)
  • Suit (Black or Gray) or Shirt with coat.
  • Stockings
  • Dress Shoes
  • Light Jewelry



Take Your Belongings

You should go to the interview venue with a very tiny briefcase or bag or small file where you can keep some copies of your resume, original certificates (if needed), list of references, letters of recommendations, your business card (if you have), a working pen etc. Also you can take your research materials for giving a final revision before meeting the interviewer. You may also take a comb and may be some make up materials.

Prepare Your List of Questions

Interview is not an one sided game. You will also get chance to ask questions to the interviewer. Some interviewer may invite you to ask anything whereas some may want to do so. During the interview, at some points, usually at the very last stage, you may feel that this is the time to ask question. Don’t be hesitated; don’t feel that if you ask anything it will disturb your interviewer. The true fact is that if you ask any relevant question that will show your eagerness to the job and at the same time interviewer will feel that you have done previous research on their organization which must bring positive feelings about you. Here is a list of questions you may ask during the interview:

  1. Would you please tell me, what will be my first assignment if I am selected?
  2. What would be my major responsibilities?
  3. What specific skills and abilities are you looking particularly for this post?
  4. Is there any training opportunity available?
  5. Can I know something about the working environment of this organization?
  6. If I could show my skills and talent then is there any opportunity to get promotions?
  7. What is your goal & Objectives?
  8. What are the biggest challenges for this job?
  9. What things you like most to work here?
  10. After the interview, how can I know the result? etc.

Get Ready

In the morning of the interview date, read newspaper and watch news in television. Some interviewer may want to discuss you about that day’s happenings. If you have knowledge you can really participate on that discussion which will be your plus point and help to get positive impression. Now before approaching to go to the interview venue recheck everything. Remember last minute check is very important. Normally job seekers become very much tensed at this moment. Many interviewees forget to take their necessary belongings and later put themselves in trouble. So, don’t neglect last minute check. Take some time and try to be sure that you have taken everything. Then try to start your journey as early as possible. Never take any risk. If the interview venue is just a walking distances from your resident even in that case, you should try to reach there early. On the other hand, if you have never gone to that place or the place is not familiar or nearer to you then take lots of time in your hand to reach there. Remember IT IS BETTER TO REACH AT THE INTERVIEW VENUE LOT EARLIER THAN EVEN A SINGLE MINUTE LATER. If you don’t know the place, then call the organization and ask them to suggest you about the most convenient way to reach there from your residence. They can really suggest you better.

After Reaching the Venue

After reaching the interview place, first introduce yourself to the receptionist and try to know what will happen next. You may be asked to fill up a form or sign beside your name. Whatever requested, do it. Next try to know the names and designation of the interviewer. This is very important because after the interview you have to send a Thank You letter not to that person (We will discuss about it later). If you have enough time then go to the rest room (toilet) and check your grooming, your hair style, your dress, your tie-everything. Just make sure that you are looking decent and professional.

Last Minute Practices

waiting-for-hotel-restaurnat-job-interviewMost of the candidates become nervous or super anxious just before the interview. If you have same tendency then don’t feel guilty for that, this is very much obvious. Try to be relaxed as much as possible. Interviewer is not an alien. He or she is just a human being like you. If you found other candidates waiting like you, then make a chat with them. This may help you to get rid of anxiety. Also remembering previous happy moments may take away nervousness. If you have enough time then you may revise your research materials. But again I will like to suggest, don’t take too much pressure on your shoulder. Just try to be cheerful, don’t expect too much, and be ready to accept whatever happens in interview. Just before the final call from the interviewer to enter the room, take a glass of water and some long deep slow breaths. Repeat this breathing process for some time. This is a scientific method to reduce your anxiety and become relax. If you have strong belief in God then by his name enter the room.

One more important point – DON’T FORGET TO SWITCH OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE OR AT LEAST KEEP IT IN SILENT MODE. The worst thing may happen if someone calls you in between your interview session. Take good care of your mobile phone. If possible make sure that you have switched it off or kept in silent mode before going to interview venue. It happens to many candidates that because of supreme pressure before interview they forget to turn off mobile phone and then the disaster happens. So be very very careful.

OK, now I am very sure you will defiantly have some VERY GOOD time there.

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  1. Thank you – this is the most useful post I have ever come across with respect to Hotel Management! I can’t tell you have much time and effort you have saved me by listing all these fabulous interview questions and tips.


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