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Dear Friends, welcome to my 1st product launch party. From the very begining of this blog you all are demanding to copy or downlaod my traiing tutorials. So, after working so hard, I have prepared this exciting tutorials collection for you.

What Am I Offering: In this package you will find all the sop, tutorials and articles I have shared in this blog from December 2009 to August 2010 with 3 Bonus Articles, never shared before and 3 more articles I have published in September 2010. All in all it is 166 Page Top Quality Hotel Management Training Tutorials Package where you will get100 awesome Hotel Management Training Articles.

How Much Is It: It is a limited time offer. For few days, You can buy this Great tutorial collection at only US $ 20. Hurry Up guys, thousand of readers are just knocking at the door. Grab your copy and enjoy these resources.

How Can You Buy: Click on the Add to Cart button Below.You have to buy in online through Paypal. If you don’t have paypal account then please create a FREE paypal account. 

For a very limited period of time you can buy this package at only US $ 20. After paying through paypal you will automatically redirect to the download link by E-junkie. Please remember that the link will be workable only for 48 hours. So by this time you have to download and save your copy. Also, you will get the download link in your email. Please download the package right after paying for it.

What you Will Get: You will get 100 Hotel Management Training Tutorials in a zip format. Right Click on it and select Extract. Then you will get these resources in both rts and pdf format which can be edited or opened in MS word and Adobe Acrobat Reader respectively. This will help you to edit or print out this materials whatever needed.

FREE REVIEW COPY: Yes, before spending money for this highly recommended product you may like to get a FREE REVIEW COPY. Here it is. Please CLICK HERE to download FREE REVIEW COPY of this exciting package.

Amazon Kindle: With some fresh new articles we have prepared our Amazon Kindle collection. The kindle is available 9.99$. Click Here to Buy.

So if you are really excited to buy this great package then why are you wasting your time? Just click on this image below and enjoy these resources…

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  1. Hello, I would like to know if I can still by this sort of packages.

    Thank you in advance for your answer,



  2. Dear Sir,
    what a wonderful job you are doing!Really i loved it.I am an ethiopian & I am hospitality supervisor.If you agent in ethiopia please,I would like to buy your learning videos.Please,help me I am addicted for this hospitality industry.
    Kassahun Negatu

  3. hi tanji,
    it is indeed my great pleasure to choose your book for training in the hotel empolyees which I found the selection for teaching course and basic course and easy task and simple basic English.
    Training Manager
    Noor Hossain

  4. Dear Tanji,
    I luckily came across your valuable resource on hotel management and hospitality. I am enthusiastic about the 100 tips related to the case and I am so eager to purchase that. unfortunately, since I live in Iran, I do not know how to pay claimed $20. would you please help me in this regard.
    thanks in advance for your attention.
    Mehdi Jafari

  5. i want to buy all the articles related to housekeeping, how do i pay? am in ghana,if u do have agent(s) here how can they be contacted?
    hoping to here from you ASAP.


  6. would like to send 20 dollar via friend in Sydney – money sending from Zambia not safe
    please give info on account – very serious, as your knowledge is needed badly
    thanks very much in advance Elke,

  7. I will send you the money through western uonion can you please send me the correct address? also i am asking if i send more than 20 dolar as a credit to by some material in the future if there is
    thank you

  8. Hey,
    can you give me your bank account details? I would like to send you money on your bank account, if you have one of course.

  9. Hi Hotelier Tanji
    I am waiter.I wuold like the F&B service training document but I have no money to buy that package. Could you give me free?
    Thanks alot

  10. Do you have material on hotel management administration such as budgeting, financial processes (Reporting) and risk management?

  11. Hello

    yesterday i purchased the 100 Tutorials, until now i did not reseive the download link or any e-mail.
    please addvice me how i get my copie!


  12. Hi would like to know how long does it take to get the sop and merchandise after the payment is processed through credit card

  13. Dear Mam..
    Hi mam, My name Mochamad aspan z. I am from Indonesia, and i working as a asst Housekeeper in one hotel in Indonesia. I need more learning a bout hotel industrie training esspecially housekeeping department. could you like to give it me and how I to pay.
    Thank you for your kind attention

  14. Hello Mam,
    i am from Nepal as a Housekeeping Supervisor in Tilganga institude of ophthalmology.but i have not any treaning about Housekeeping,so if you have any traning programme suitable for me,please let me know detail.Thank you.

  15. i am from nepal and i want to buy this package so please give me idea how i pay you from here and after paying money how i get this tutorial. thank you

    • You can pay though paypal. Just press the image at the bottom of that article and pay through Paypal for instant download. If you don’t have paypal account then you can pay through western union. Email us to learn about that procedure

  16. Dear Hotelier Tanji.
    I am a Teacher teaching on Housekeeping-Room Attendance for youth. Please let me know how to obtain tutorials and Teaching Videos on the subject I am from Sri Lanka Thanks, Yours sincerely Kaviratne

  17. I want to have some tutorial materials i can copy and adjst. All your products have different contents? Or what is most current and comprehensive? Which one i better to buy? monthly package1 or this 166 page thing? what do you think
    thank you.

    • Both packages are totally different. 100 Tutorial packages are collection of 100 tutorials available in this blog from December 2009 to August 2010. On the other hand monthly packages contain those resources which are never share here. All are completely different.

  18. Hi , Good morning
    respected mam can u help me out in consulting me what to do after bsc in hm because after that i am not interested in joining hotels but i wish to do Management Trainee or M.B.A kindly consult some better guidance of yours but want to do in India only..

    thank u
    rohan khanna


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