Knowledge of Courtesy for Hoteliers

Using courtesy at all times is the mark of a truly professional hotelier. True courtesy is always an expression of a real feeling toward guests, a sincere appreciation of their needs and gratitude for their business. Courteous behavior is contagious. When you are friendly and polite, truly sincere in trying to understand and care about your guests, your guests will likely behave positive toward you in the same way. Even when guests become angry and furious, but when they encounter true courtesy they calm down and begin to respond kindly. They become easy to deal with. That makes your job easier every time.

etiquette-manners-hotelierYou should also practice to be courteous to your colleagues. Hotel industry is truly a rough world. Here, your colleagues are your best friends. You will need support from all. In fact, it’s all about a team game where every one needs to cooperate with each other to make a smooth operation. So, be courteous to your fellow colleagues too.

Courtesy Words & Phrases:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Use the guest’s name frequently, check to ensure you are pronouncing it correctly
  • I’m very sorry
  • Excuse me
  • Friendly greetings : Hello, Good Morning, Goodbye
  • You’re welcome
  • We appreciate your business
  • I’d be happy to do that for you
  • May I help you please?
  • I’m sorry to keep you waiting
  • Thank you for waiting / Calling
  • It was nice talking to you
  • Is there anything else I can do for you ?
  • It’s been a pleasure helping you.

Courtesy Behavior Tips:

  • Show you are ready to help, and guests are not “interrupting”. Always Introduce Yourself.
  • Show that you remember – “It’s nice to have you back”. “Glad to see you again”.
  • Make eye contact and smile. Don’t interrupt, listen more. Invite guests to sit down. Offer refreshment.
  • Let guests “go first”.
  • Use “Please” whenever making a request of another person. Acknowledge people immediately, look at them and greet them. Volunteer to help: give information, ideas, suggestions or direction. Give sincere compliments and positive feedback. Use friendly statements like, ‘Enjoy your meal,” “have a nice stay,”” sure they will enjoy your gift.” “I hope you enjoy your vacation.” Act quickly.
  • Give people helpful warnings, “Please be careful of the extension cord” watch that step, “Mind your head”.
  • Escort guests instead of pointing or directing to their destination if possible.
  • Don’t’ make people wait unnecessarily and apologies if you have to.
  • Don’t’ give hurry to guests.
  • Volunteer to help your coworkers.
  • Stop what you are doing when guests approach and pay attention to them.
  • Ask your guests for their personal preference.
  • Offer to carry, hold or store things of the guests..
  • Keep guests informed, explain what has and will happen.

The best thing you can do for your guests is to give fast and efficient service with a courteous attitude using the appropriate words and behavior.


  1. This lists lots of great tips and phrases that all members of the hotel staff should be aware of. These could be the basis of department meeting training throughout the property. Another area that I think is important is knowing how to properly shake hands. It’s amazing how few people recognize the different rules of etiquette for this most basic greeting, especially our employees from foreign countries.

  2. I come to know this blog from facebook and really helpful for me. I am working in a restaurant and your tutorials helps me a lot.


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