How to Stand in Hotel or Restaurant

If you work in any hotel or restaurant then most of the time you have to be on foot. At the beginning of the career it hurts a lot. In a place like hotel or restaurant you cannot stand casually. Your gesture and posture should represent your professionalism. So, you should practice proper standing methods.

Here are few tips on how to stand properly in hotel or restaurant.

  1. While standing, the body should be upright, chest, abdomen, eyes flat as the mouth Wiebe, face smiling, your arms hang down naturally or in the body before the cross on your right hand on the left in order to maintain the provision of services.
  2. Your shoulders should be straight, you are not allowed to shrug distorted brain.
  3. You can not fork at the waist with both hands, can not be placed behind, but not across the chests.
  4. While the waitresses are standing, the feet should be “V”-shaped, open-toe around 50 degrees, knee and heel to rely on tight, not feet deviates.
  5. The body can not rickety, can not sit back on the table or on. Station tired feet can be temporary as “at ease” shape, but the upper body still need to ensure integrity. The requirement is that the body center of gravity shift to the left or right foot, the other leg bent slightly forward, so that foot muscle is in relaxation position.
  6. While standing, show full of energy, facial expressions should be naturally gentle.


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