How to Handle Sexual Offer

Sometimes guest offers sexual offer to room service personnel. No hotelier is allowed to coordinate any kind of sexual activity with guests. All sexual offer should be handled with proper professional mannerism and if you cannot stop your guest, you should report it to your superior or call the security. Here are some tips and guidelines.

Often guest makes sexual offer in this way:

  • “Hi Jona, You have been so nice and helpful during my stay. I would like to thank you for all your assistance. Would you like to join me for dinner tonight? You can help me to choose which restaurant is good.”
  • “Jon, You have been very helpful. Would you be able to arrange a girl (person) for me tonight?”
  • “Steve, Would you please arrange a women for me to come to my room. I will give you a good tip”

If a request is received from a Guest of sexual content such as requesting to arrange a women/man will be refused in a polite and professional manner. The service personnel should refuse the guest by saying:

  • “I am very sorry, Mr. X, We are not at liberty to provide this kind of arrangement.
  • Yes, I do understand that our Hotel’s Service concept is to assist our Guests in all aspects, but I am afraid we do not have such practice and I am sorry, we will not be able to assist you in this request”

If a request is received from a Guest asking for personal escort or sexual nature, hoteliers will refuse politely and professionally in the following manner:

“I am very sorry, Mr. X, I already have plans with my Boyfriend/Husband tonight. Thank you for asking!”

If still by words you cannot control your guest then call the security or ask your superior boss.

In some cases hoteliers agree to have sex with guests for some money. This is totally a violation against hotel rules. If any worker is found involved in such crime then he or she should be fired from his or her job immediately. So never agree with such proposals and report quickly to your superior bosses.


  1. Sorry, I’d like to continue the above.

    To settle the above situation, we have tried to arrange 2 staff cleaning 1 room together. We don’t allow housekeepers to do their job alone.

    Any more advice, please? Thank you

    • Yes that is the appropriate step you have taken. Also keep the door opened while working may help your staffs. Again whatever the situation, your female or even male staffs should know how to handle the customer tactfully…

  2. Thank you for this topic.

    I am really interested in this topic.

    As a serviced apartment provider, our staff have been facing with sexual harassment by our clients. For example, one of our female housekeeper was “touched” by a long-term tenant in our apartment.

    We do really need material to train our staff to avoid the sexual harassment as well as to maintain customer service in the building.

    What should our staff do to “escape” the above situation, but not to make the customer “angry” and terminate the lease contract with the building???

    Your advices shall be highly appreciated.
    Thank you


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