Etiquette and Manners of a True Hotelier (Part-2)

On the First Part we have shared some exclusive tips for hoteliers. Today on the second part of this series, we will share some more tips for hoteliers on Etiquette with Guests.

Etiquette with Guests

1. While talking to a guest:

  • Always smile while welcoming the guest in your restaurant.

  • Always give the guest full attention and do not say, “Yes” until you completely understand what he is asking for. Always provide the guest with at least two alternatives while solving a problem.
  • Never say “I don’t know”. Tell the guest you will find out for him and ensure that he is provided with accurate information.
  • It is highly advisable that you should not argue with the guest. Try to speak softly and clearly, without artificial accent.
  • Never discuss negative views about the hotel or other staffs with the guest.
  • Try to maintain regular eye contact with your guest. There may be sometime you remain busy with your other task. Even then try to have a look at your guest every now and then.
  • Maintain a distance of at least two feet from the guests while taking an order.
  • Avoid using hotel jargon and slang in front of the guest.
  • Personalize the conversation by using the guest’s name whenever possible.
  • Avoid unnecessary movements of hands and facial gestures while describing dishes, or while speaking to guests.

2. While Standing:

  • While standing to take an order or standing at the restaurant door, stand erect at ease, but not in a casual manner.

– Weight balanced on both feet
– Shoulders straight
– Chest out
– Stomach in

  • Keep your hands on the sides or behind your back.

– Do not keep your hands in the pockets or on the hips.
– Do not cross your arms across the chest.

  • Do not lean against the sideboard, panels or the hostess desk.
  • Remember, you may be in view of a guest even when you are not directly interacting with him/her. Maintain your poise at all times.
  • Do not huddle together in bunches inside the restaurant. There is always something to be done in your area, even when the guests are not there.
  • Avoid turning your back to the guest whenever possible.

3. While Walking:

  • Walk at an even pace inside the restaurant, avoid any sound of the footsteps. Never run inside the restaurant
  • While walking in guest areas, if guests are approaching, get aside and give them first right of way. If near a door, open the door for the guests to pass through.
  • Walk on the left hand side.
  • If accompanying a guest, walk on his/her right hand side and open the door for the guest.
  • Walk erect and maintain the poise.
  • Never push or shove any colleague, no matter what the hurry.
  • Everyone should follow the generally accepted rules of traffic while walking through the restaurant. Walk to your left side.

4. Courteous Behavior:

  • Anticipate guest needs and fulfill them without being asked. For example:

– Identify that the guest needs something without him having to call for someone.
– Open the restaurant door and let the guest pass ahead.
– Hand him a pen as he reaches for his own.
– Light his cigarette, as he gets ready to light it.
– Reach out for the heavy bag he is carrying.

  • Do not get familiar with the guest, even when he treats you like a friend. Maintain professional relationship.
  • Be consistent in recognizing guests.
  • If a guest asks for directions, do not point. Escort the guest to the destination.
  • Treating guest courteously and turning to a colleague and talking to him impolitely destroys the image. Maintain the same finesse and politeness.
  • Treat non-resident guests with as much respect as resident guests.

– They are potential guests too.
– Do not forget the power of ‘word of mouth publicity’ that the guests do for your restaurant.

  • Give attention to single diners.
  • Remember that service continues until the guest leaves the restaurant and not when the bill is settled.
  • Take ownership of the guest problem.
  • Never cross the guest’s middle line during service or clearance.


  1. Well guys always remember this industry is about people and we work with our heart and if we dont like our job no need to be in this industry .


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