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Exciting Offer !!!!

Dear Friends, welcome to my 1st product launch party. From the very begining of this blog you all are demanding to copy or downlaod my traiing tutorials. So, after working so hard, I have prepared this exciting tutorials collection for you.

What Am I Offering: In this package you will find all the sop, tutorials and articles I have shared in this blog from December 2009 to August 2010 with 3 Bonus Articles, never shared before and 3 more articles I have published in Septermber 2010. All in all it is 166 Page Top Quality Hotel Managemnet Training Tutorials Package where you will get100 awosome Hotel Management Training Articles.

How Much Is It: It is a limited time offer. For few days, You can buy this Great tutorial collection at only US $ 20. Hurry Up guys, thousand of readers are just knocking at the door. Grab your copy and enjoy these resources.

How Can You Buy: Click on the Add to Cart button Beloe.You have to buy in online through Paypal. If you don’t have paypal account then please create a FREE paypal account. 

For a ver limited period of time you can buy this package at only US $ 20. After paying through paypal you will automaticlally redirect to the downlaod link by E-junkie. Please remember that the link will be workable only for 48 hours. So by this time you have to download and save your copy. Also, you will get the download link in your email. Please download the package right after paying for it.

What you Will Get: You will get 100 Hotel Management Trainng Tutorials in a zip format. Right Click on it and select Extract. Then you will get these resoruces in both rts and pdf format which can be edited or opended in MS word and Adobe Acrobat Reader respectively. This will help you to edit or print out this materials whatever needed.

FREE REVIEW COPY: Yes, before spending money for this highly recommnedned product you may like to get a FREE REVIEW COPY. Here it is. Please CLICK HERE to download FREE REVIEW COPY of this exiciting package.

So if you are really excited to buy this great package then why are you wasting your time? Just click on this image below and enjoy these resources…

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  1. Hi
    I have civil engineering degree, I want change career I have been accepted to do Postgraduate course hospitality management in Les Roche’s school in Marbella Spain, please advise what I need to buy books and video to relevant subject and the price list


    Harsin karim

  2. Dear Hotelier Tanji

    Thank you for making your resources available at a very very very affordable price for anyone in the world to purchase. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Carol for your wonderful words. I will provide some more Training Manuals at this price. If you just keep 100 $ to 150 $ for next 12 months then you can afford to buy all my resources. I hope that is not a big amount in response to my hard work and quality of products..

      Hopefully today I will launch my next product Room Service Training Manual


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