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Hospitality School, Running from 2009, and World’s one of the most popular Hotel & Restaurant Training Blogs, is offering Premium Self Study Hotel & Restaurant Housekeeping training course. We, hospitality school team, is working on this project for last 1 year and finally today, we have launched this mega course.

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You will not need to wait many days to get the full course. In total the course will be 16.5 GB Data that equals to 4+ DVDs which YOU CAN DOWNLOAD the whole course RIGHT NOW.

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Here is why you should DOWNLOAD the course NOW:

  • Total 14 Chapters/Modules that will help you to learn everything you need to know to be a great Hotel Housekeeping expert. From basic housekeeping job or towel folding to laundry work, you will learn all the techniques to serve your guest in most professional manner.
  • 225 relevant videos clips. Over 16.5 GB of content that equals to more than 4 DVDs of DATA. Please remember you will not get any DVDs rather you will get 16.5 GB data that equals more than 4 DVDs of data.
  • Each of the modules is divided into Handnotes in both PDF and Document Format, amazing PowerPoint presentations. Also there are tons of relevant videos.
  • Self explanatory power points that you can use for learning or training purposes.
  • Handnotes in pdf and document format that you can print or customize according to your preference.

Download the Course Curriculum: Click HERE

Download Sample Video, PowerPoint, PDF: Click HERE

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This Self Study Housekeeping Course Syllabus

Chapter-1: Introduction to Housekeeping

      1. Importance of Housekeeping
      2. Housekeeping In Other Institutions
      3. Organizational Chart of Housekeeping Department
      4. Different Types of Hotel
      5. Interdepartmental Coordination of Housekeeping
      6. Layout Of The Housekeeping Department
      7. Attributes
      8. Hygiene & Sanitation of a Housekeeping Staff
      9. Communication Skill
      10. Registers Maintained by Housekeeping

Chapter-2: Housekeeping Procedure

      1. Briefing and Debriefing
      2. Control Desk
      3. Different Type of Key and Key Control
      4. Liaise with other departments
      5. Lost and Found

Chapter-3: Supplies & Equipment

      1. Introduction
      2. Equipment
      3. Cleaning Agents and Chemicals
      4. Other Supplies
      5. Housekeeping Trolley (Maid Cart)
      6. Loading the Housekeeping Trolley

Chapter-4: Guest Room Service

      1. Different Types of Hotel Room
      2. Guest Room Attendant
      3. Uniform of a GRA
      4. Daily Activities of a GRA
      5. Guest Room Assignment
      6. Components of the Guest Bed Room
      7. Identify Rooms to be Cleaned
      8. Access and Enter Guest Rooms
      9. Making the Bed
      10. Bed Making Steps
      11. Remaking bed using existing bed linen
      12. Replenishing Guest Amenities
      13. Room Supply

Chapter-5: Cleaning

    1. Cleaning Bathrooms
    2. Cleaning Room
    3. Vacuuming Floors
    4. Cleaning the Kitchenette Area

Chapter-6: Quality Check

    1. Readiness of Items and Equipment
    2. Handling Defects and Damaged Items
    3. Report Suspicious Situations
    4. Dealing with Lost Property

Chapter-7: Additional Housekeeping Services

    1. Inspection
    2. Turn Down Service
    3. Carry Out Rotational Cleaning Duties
    4. Lend Equipment to Guests

Chapter-8: Prepare for Next Shift

    1. Complete Required Records and Notifications
    2. Dispose of Trash
    3. Clean and Load Trolleys
    4. Replenish Stock Items as Necessary
    5. Clean Housekeeping Equipment Prior to Storage

Chapter-9: Laundry Service

    1. Laundry Attendant
    2. Role of On-Premise Laundry
    3. Picking up Guest Cloth
    4. Identifying Items for Laundry
    5. In-House Items are Picked Up
    6. Receiving, Sorting Guest Laundry & Linen
    7. Count items lodged for laundering
    8. Check for stains
    9. Cleaning Method
    10. Equipment Used
    11. Cleaning Agents
    12. Ironing Clothes
    13. Folding
    14. Packing Laundered Items

Chapter-10: Public Area Services

    1. Public Area Attendant
    2. Public Area Cleaning
    3. Preparing Work Area
    4. Cleaning Agents and Chemicals
    5. Disposal of Garbage and Used Chemicals
    6. Storing Equipment
    7. Cleaning Public Areas
    8. Car parks and driveways
    9. Front of the House
    10. Back of the House
    11. Handling Chemicals

Chapter-11: Valet Service

    1. Valet Service
    2. Good Grooming
    3. Preparing for Guest’s Arrival
    4. Checking Guest Room Prior Guest Arrival
    5. Welcoming Guest
    6. Process Laundry and Pressing
    7. Clean Guest Shoes
    8. Receiving and Acting on Guest Requests
    9. Liaise with Other Staff

Chapter-12: Handling Guest Request & Complaint

    1. Provide Advice to Guests
    2. Accepting Housekeeping Requests
    3. Recording Housekeeping Requests
    4. Provide Housekeeping Requests
    5. Advising Guests
    6. Guest Complaints
    7. Handling Complaints

Chapter-13: Dealing Intoxicated Guest

    1. Alcohol Service Management
    2. Handling Intoxicated Guest
    3. Compliance with Legislation

Chapter-14: Linen

    1. Linen
    2. Uniform

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