Hotel General Manager Job Description

The work of a hotel general manager might look very luxurious. The individual is supposed to look so glamorous. Still, their functions are vital in a hotel. The primary purpose is to coordinate every department and follow the rules given by the shareholders to perfect customer services. Their importance in a hotel might be overlooked, but they stand for the daily routine and ensure the main of a business, which is earning a profit, comes to pass. In this article, we will discuss the various functions and the main reason every hotel deserves an intellectual general manager. Let’s dive right into it.

The Main Functions of a Hotel Manager

hotel-general-manager-job-descriptionHotel managers perform all the general functions in a hotel on behalf of the shareholders and the owners of the business. They control the daily operations to support the main goals and adhere to the hotel’s ethical standards. The following are some duties that each general manager performs. They include:

Oversees The Business’s Goals

A general hotel manager makes sure that the staff is performing according to the stakeholders’ standards. They must report any under performing team that is always on their phones and not receptive to the customer’s needs. General meetings are held in a hotel where the owners come up with some ultimatums of serving more customers. When the waitresses confuse the orders, they can be subject to firing or a hefty fine by the general manager. They set up appropriate rules and regulations that each staff has to be friendly and serve according to the customer’s specifications.

Coordinate All the Departments

A general manager oversees the functions of the entire hotel. They must ensure that quality is maintained and that there is no slacking in each department’s services. He holds these meetings to inspect the progress, like weekly or monthly depending on what the stakeholders specify. He gives the updated instructions to the department heads to pass the information to their juniors, making the process easy for the owners. They listen to the complaints about fewer resources or weak working schedules and adjust accordingly by passing information to the shareholders.

Ensure That All Activities Are Up to Standards with The Law

It the function of the general manager to ensure that the services offered are up to the required standard operating procedures. The hotel policies are set during annual meetings with the management, and any deviation in the wrong direction is prohibited. It the responsibility of the general manager to ensure total compliance. They will ensure that the menu is set at a high standard and periodically updated. The manager will guide the staff in sticking to the business’s primary purpose and the fact that the ethical practices are maintained. All rules by the law of opening and closing at a particular time are followed to the latter.

Control Business Re-Innovation Projects

The general manager works closely with the management in the continuous re-innovation of the business. It their duty to ensure that the vision of the owners is actualized. They will control the finances used to fit the budget and ensure quality is maintained. The general manager is the brand of the whole premises so, they have the mandate to ensure the proposition is appealing. They will choose the design and buy the materials that fit the hotel level. The business should be up to the owner’s standards, and the manager should not despise their wish. They must sign any commercial projects so that they will be accountable in case of any losses.


Quality Customer Services

The manager has to ensure that the business operations are customer based. They should handle any complaints and punish any wrong action by the employees. The customer base is the basis for the existence of the whole hotel. Any late service or half-cooked food returned to the kitchen is subject to getting a fine from the cook. They will make sure the kitchen management delivers quality and timely services. The manager interacts with the consumers to hear the feedback about the whole hotel as they wait for delivery. Their primary duty is to adjust the menu after getting an order they lack. This is because putting customer’s interests is an essential goal for the survival of the hotel.

Ensure Growth and Survival of the Hotel

It’s the primary duty of a general manager to ensure that the overall business is sustained and no slacking in the operations. They set goals for the company and ensure that total adherence to quality by the continual refurbishment of the futures and floor. They complain to the manager about the resources needed and the additional expansion of space. They present the budget for a certain period and adjust based on customer growth. General Managers ensure total advertisement in the billboards and speak highly of the hotel’s operation. They organize for various charity as events that are a way of giving back and, at the same a marketability approach.

Offers Accounting Services

A general manager should have a full understanding of the books of accounts like the balance sheet and financial statements. This information is useful in setting short and long term goals for the hotel. It comes up with a better strategic approach. Every receipt of the business is recorded by the hotel manager, who later takes the report to the management. The close association between managers and the management team helps to control the overall spending of cash. They must form a great relationship with the total interest of the hotel.

Procurement of the Hotels Resources

The general manager helps to choose the right vendors for the hotel due to the full understanding of the accounting department operations. They will bargain the prices and ensure quality products and services are provided for the smooth operation of the hotel. The manager will guide in proper management and leadership roles for both internal and external processes. The manager will ensure continual improvement and building of long term contracts with the suppliers.

The Bottom Line

The primary function of the general managers is to oversee the operations of a hotel because the owners are not always on the premises. They make decisions on their behalf, but they should consult on the significant activities before making an abrupt move. They have to professionally interact with the staff for the cashier to the waitresses. In case the hotel is enormous, and the customer base is large, the hotel managers step in for the position of general manager when they are not in operation. This article has exclusively described the services of a general manager of a hotel effectively.


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