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Different Types of Hotel Rooms – The Ultimate Guide

In the olden days, accommodation basically comprised giving a person a place of sleep, food, and a few basic elements. However, things have changed today, and you can opt for a hotel room to get the comfort you never get from home. Still, there are many types of hotel rooms to choose from, and this presents a challenge for those looking out to book a room to stay for a few or more days. Whether it’s an inn or some of the most luxurious hotels globally, there are a plethora of options to explore. Herein discussed are the factors determining hotel room classification and the types of rooms available in the hotel industry.

Hotel Room Classification

Walking into a hotel and asking about rooms and packages, you might hear terms like a deluxe, double, single, penthouse, etc. These are the commonest hotel room divisions classified based on;

  1. Occupancy: hotel rooms can be categorized based on how many people they can accommodate, leading to the single, double, or triple types of hotel rooms. They can carry 1, 2, 3, 4, or more people, depending on the type of the room and property.
  2. Bed size and number: hotel room classification also depends on the type and number of beds. For instance, queen, king, or double rooms are basically grouped according to the number and types of beds they contain.
  3. Layout: hotel rooms can also be classified depending on the layout. It could be more of the space in the room, leading to the suit-type, apartment-style, joint or adjoining, and deluxe options.
  4. Amenities or accessories: hotel rooms like cabanas, penthouses, and villas, are basically classified on the amenities or accessories in them.
  5. Suits: There could be different types of suits like standard, junior, bridal, honeymoon etc.

Types of Hotel Rooms in the Hotel Industry

There are 4 types of accommodation in the hotel industry, including hotels, motels, hostels, and inns. The following are the classification facets of a hotel room and the individual hotel rooms under them;

Hotel Rooms Based on Occupancy

hotel-room-classificationOccupancy or the number of people a hotel room can contain is an aspect of room classification. A hotel room carries one or more people, depending on the following classification:

  1. Single Rooms: As the name suggests, single hotel rooms are designed to accommodate a few people. They are basically for solos, but couples can also fit into them. They mostly contain a twin bed, although a few hotels might have a queen-size bed in them. You will likely find a bed for sleeping with bedding, a private bathroom, a chair, a desk, free Wi-Fi, a TV, and a working desk. Most people on a one- or two-day trip who wants something simple opt for these types of hotel rooms.
  2. Double Hotel Rooms: The hotel room classification based on occupancy is double hotel rooms. Such rooms are designed to accommodate one or two people comfortably. The bed size is large enough to contain one or two people, making the rooms ideal for solos and couples. You will likely find a double bed in the double hotel rooms, but you can also find two twin-size beds in such rooms. Double beds are 54 inches by 75 inches in dimension, while twin beds are smaller and measure 38 inches by 73 inches. Like single rooms, double rooms have a bathroom, a table, a chair, a working desk, free Wi-Fi, and a TV, although more established hotels might feature additional provisions.
  3. Triple Hotel Rooms: Hotel room classification based on occupancy also results in triple room hotels. As the name suggests, they are designed to accommodate three people comfortably. Triple hotel rooms comprise two double beds most of the time, but you can also have those with a double and a twin bed. Besides, some hotels have three beds in triple hotel rooms, making them ideal for three people. They have a TV, free Wi-Fi, a bathroom with a shower, a working desk, a working table, and a chair. Of course, hotels vary, and some hotels have more advanced triple rooms than others.
  4. Quad Room Hotel Rooms: Quad hotel rooms are grouped based on occupancy. As the name implies, they are designed for a quad and can comfortably accommodate 4 people. Most quad hotel rooms have two double beds designed for the four individuals they can accommodate. Depending on the property, you can find quad hotel rooms with dormitory styles and feature bunks or twins.

Hotel Rooms Based on Bed Size and Number

Other than occupancy, hotel rooms are also grouped based on the size and number of beds them. This classification results in the following types of hotel rooms;

  1. Queen Hotel Rooms: Queen hotel rooms have queen-sized beds, mostly one per room. Queen-sized beds are large beds, measuring 60 inches by 80 inches. They are not only large but feature beautiful decorations and impressive components, explaining the high prices around them. Most hotels in the cities, especially in the city, have queen-sized beds in the queen hotel rooms, but their complexity and additional features accompanying them vary from one property to the other.
  2. King Hotel Rooms: As the name suggests, king hotel rooms have king-sized beds. King-sized beds are as wide as queen beds, only that they are longer, resulting in larger surface areas. They measure 76 inches by 80 inches, quite large of a bed. Most hotels with queen rooms equally have king rooms for a complement.
  3. Twin Hotel Rooms: The other type of hotel room, based on bed size and type, is a twin room. Twin hotel rooms have two twin-size beds and typically carry two solos. Two people on a business trip would likely go for twin hotel rooms with two twin beds. You will likely find a TV, free Wi-Fi, a bathroom, and room service, apart from the other amenities in the hotel rooms discussed above.
  4. Double- Double Hotel Rooms: Some hotels have double-double hotel rooms under hotel room classification by the size or number of beds. They are basically rooms with two double beds ideal for families with kids that want to sleep in the same room. Depending on the type of property you opt for, you can have room service for the double-double rooms, which have the basic services and amenities provided in the other hotel rooms discussed previously.
  5. Hollywood Twin Hotel Rooms: Hotel room classification by type or size of the bed also results in Hollywood twin hotels. Such have two double beds like the double-double rooms, with the only exception being the presence of a headboard between the double-double beds. As with the other hotel rooms, the Hollywood twin hotel rooms vary in price based on the property you are signing in to.
  6. Studio Hotel Rooms: The other type of room you might want to explore in hotel room classification based on bed size and the number is a studio hotel room. Studio hotel rooms basically feature additional spaces. For instance, you might have a studio hotel room with a couch that can be converted into a bed, and some have an extra bed. Besides, they can feature different bed types, with double beds being the commonest. They typically have additional space, as in the case of a fully-furnished studio room with an extra kitchenette.

N.B.: while room classification based on bed size and number in the hotel industry does not capitalize on occupancy, there is always a limit to the number of people the rooms can comfortably accommodate. As such, you cannot book a twin room if you have a family of 6 people.

Hotel Rooms Based on Layout

Other than occupancy and bed, you can also classify hotel rooms based on layout. Layout classification focuses on space and the additional amenities in a room, and features the following types of rooms;

  1. Standard Rooms: A standard hotel room is more like a single hotel room, only that it may have additional features. You can expect to find a double bed in the standard room, which can comfortably accommodate a solo or a couple. Other than a double bed, a standard room comprises a dressing table, a chair, a working desk, a cupboard, a private bathroom, a coffee maker, Wi-Fi, and a TV.
  2. Deluxe Hotel Rooms: Deluxe hotel rooms feature bigger space and are more upgraded. They feature impressive views and deco, making them more expensive than standard rooms. Deluxe rooms are spacious enough to accommodate a couple, but a group can also stay in them. They have the provisions in the other types of hotel rooms previously discussed, but these, too, might vary, depending on the facility and the type of services one wants.
  3. Joint Rooms: Hotel room classification based on layout also results in joint rooms. These are also called adjoining rooms and feature two or more rooms with a wall but no connecting door. They are best for groups or families with children old enough to stay on their own but not away from parents. They have room service and impressive deco, so they tend to be expensive.
  4. Connecting Hotel Rooms: Based on the layout, the other type of hotel room is connecting rooms. Like join rooms, they feature two or more rooms with a connecting wall, but they also feature a connecting door. If you are traveling as a group and want a room that allows you to mingle without moving through the hallway. Besides, couples with old kids who can comfortably sleep independently can opt for connecting hotel rooms.
  5. Suite Hotel Rooms: Suites in the hotel room context feature rooms with additional space. They form the most expensive hotel rooms globally, but there are cheaper or more expensive options one can explore, which you still have to pay a fortune for. Master, exclusive, mini-, and presidential are the commonest hotel rooms based on suite, and more details about them are featured later in this article.
  6. Apartment-Style Hotel Rooms: You can also explore apartment-style hotel rooms if you are looking for a hotel room based on layout. They are large rooms mostly found in aparthotels, although the traditional chain hotels like the Hilton also have them. They feature a full package ideal for groups or families staying in a hotel for long. With a separate kitchen, laundry provisions, and other things that make one’s stay comfortable, one can stay in them for long. However, room service in them is limited to once or twice a week.
  7. Accessible Rooms: The law requires every hotel to have accessible rooms. They are rooms like any other, only that they have additional features to accommodate the disabled. For instance, a handicapped-accessible room has a bed and other basics and features a wheelchair for easy movement. Besides, they should have a bathroom fit for disabled people. Other rooms for the visually or hearing impaired people have alarms, alarm clocks, and a telephone system specifically designed for a given type of challenge.

Hotel Rooms Based on Amenities

Hotel rooms can also be classified based on their amenities or accessories in them. For instance, you can opt for;

  1. Cabana Hotel Rooms: Cabana hotel rooms have a private pool or have their doors opening into a swimming pool. As such, they offer extra fun, which definitely comes with extra charges. They are common in boutique hotels and fit for a one-night stay, although you might choose to stay in them for as long as you wish.
  2. Villas: If you want quality rooms with quality services, you may want to explore villas. They are mostly found in resorts as stand-alone buildings and feature houses that boast extra space and sufficient privacy. They may have wide spaces, multiple bedrooms for accommodating many people, a swimming pool, a living room, and a balcony. With the good services and provisions, you will also have to pay a fortune for them.
  3. Penthouses: Penthouse also define types of rooms in the hotel industry, although they are not necessarily found in all hotels. They often take an entire floor in a hotel property and come with appropriate charges. You can expect them to be quite expensive since they offer maximum amenities and quality services.

Hotel Rooms Based on Suites

classification-hotel-room-typesOther than hotel room classification based on occupancy, layout, bed, and amenities, you can also have rooms classified based on suites. In the hotel industry, suites denote much larger accommodation. They typically have a bathroom attached to them, a living area, and oftentimes, a dining area will be part of the package. Suites maximize on quality, space, and services, and the following are the main types of hotel suites;

  1. Standard Suites: Standard suites are much larger than their basic counterparts. They have the basic provisions like a TV, a cupboard, a coffee maker, etc., and a separate bathroom and an extra bedroom. They are great for striking a balance between quality and cost and are worth their cost.
  2. Junior or Mini-Suite: This is a suite because of the extra space but much smaller than the standard suite hotel rooms. It has a living room which can be an extension of the bedroom but does not have an extra dining area. Still, the description varies from property to property, so you need to research and know what a hotel offers other than booking the suite blindly and meeting your shock.
  3. Penthouse Suite: Some suites take the form of a penthouse in that they might take the entire floor of a hotel property. They have enough amenities and hotel services and attract much cost worth their provisions. Besides, you can expect to have several king- or queen-size beds with multiple spaces in the penthouse suites.
  4. Bridal Suites: These are hotel suites with large spaces room to accommodate the bridal entourage. It features large spaces for the team to rehearse, practice, and celebrate with the bride. Some bridal suites are large enough to allow for dances and makeup. As with other rooms, the provisions in the bridal suites in one hotel may vary slightly to widely, depending on the packages.
  5. Honeymoon Suites: As the name suggests, honeymoon suites are designed for newlyweds. They are also called romance or love suites and feature services and amenities for romance. You can expect to find a king- or queen-sized bed, although some hotels feature double beds. Since they are love suites, they may have champagne, roses, chocolates, and other small but significant items in the romance context.
  6. Presidential Suites: Presidential suites are among the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. They are not just expensive, but their luxury makes them worth the cost. Like other suites herein discussed, they maximize on space, quality, and many amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Some presidential suites cost as much as $6500 per night and have a Jacuzzi and many other things that make them worth the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Types of Hotel Rooms

While hotel room classification may sound as easy as single or double rooms, it is much more complicated than you may know. Here are some of the many questions people ask about types of hotel rooms and their well-researched answers.

  • What Are the Types of Accommodation in the Hotel Industry?

    One question many people ask is the types of accommodation in the hotel service industry. There are four types of accommodation; hotel, motel, hostel, and inn services. Hotels are the commonest accommodation services that feature multiple services and amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Hostels are designed for backpackers and students and have limited services. They are more of communal services and shared rooms than personalized provisions. Meanwhile, motels are often located on the outskirts and feature basic provisions like a TV and a bed. Inns are small accommodation rooms, mostly family-owned, with a more personal experience than the large hotels offer.

  • What Types of Rooms Are Featured in 4- and 5-Star Hotels?

    4-star hotels onward offer good services, and it is every person’s dream to land a room in such hotels. Still, you may want to know the types of rooms in such hotels. Generally, you can expect to find single, double, triple, and quad hotel rooms in the 4- and 5-star hotels, but it is worth noting that much depends on the nature of the property. Some hotel buildings offer the same services throughout, but others evolve as per the need.

  • What Are the Types of Hotel Rooms?

There are more than 20 types of hotel rooms (this article discusses 26 types), and much depends on the classification. Hotel rooms are classified based on occupancy (the number of people they can accommodate), resulting in single, double, triple, and quad rooms, but they can also be classified based on other factors such as bed size and number, layout, amenities, and suites.

  • What Are the Biggest Hotel Rooms?

With the many types of hotel rooms, travelers want to know the largest types of rooms to take advantage of, especially when traveling with a family or a group. Generally, suites are the largest rooms in the hotel industry and their cost factor in spatial and service tenets. Standard suites, for instance, have extra spaces, a living area, and an attached bathroom, but other hotels might add extra features that attract more costs.

  • How Many Room Types Are in Hotels?

The type of room in a hotel depends on the type of the property. While casinos mighty feature single and double rooms to the largest rooms that attract the highest costs in the industry, other hotels only feature one type of hotel room. For instance, if a hotel is all-suite or apartment-style, you don’t expect it to have room types in casinos.

  • Which Types of Hotel Rooms Are the Best?

An ideal hotel room for you depends on many factors, without ignoring your pocket size or purchasing power. Generally, services in a hotel with all types of rooms get better as the pay increases. Still, the best room depends on your specific needs and preferences. For instance, you will not go for a single room if you have a family of 6 people. Besides, if you have a pet or are handicapped in a way, you will look for a room that meets your specific needs.


The classification of hotel rooms depends on many factors. Most hotel rooms are categorized based on the bed size and number, occupancy or the number of people the room can accommodate, layout, amenities, and suite types. You can have single or double rooms that accommodate a limited number of people, but you can also explore suites that have large spatial resources and accommodate many people. The features or provisions in a room also matter, with much depending on the cost. Herein discussed are 26 types of hotel rooms you can explore to know how the rooms are grouped.




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