Hotel Safety Box Procedure (SOP)

Sometimes guests travel with some valuable assets and want to keep those safe in hotel’s safety box. Safety Box in hotel gives complete safety options to guests.

Hotel Safety Box Procedure:

Guests who keep their items/valuables in our Safety Boxes are entrusting the hotel to keep their items/valuables secured and safe. Full compliance to the Safety Box procedures is to be adhered to by all Front Desk staff to ensure that highest security.

The use of Safety Boxes is offered to registered guests of the hotel only. If anyone other than registered guests of the hotel wants to use the Safety Boxes then she/he must have the approval of the General Manager.

Safety Box numbers should not be printed on key or tag for security reasons.

Guest Opening of Safety Box (1st Time):

  • When a guest asks for a Safety Box to store his/her items/valuables, guest is to be directed to the Safety Box room.
  • Guest is to be presented with the Safety Box Record Card to open a new Safety Box for the first time, whereby he/she is requested to fill in:
  1. Room Number
  2. Passport
  3. Nationality
  4. Name
  5. Address
  6. Signature
  • A suitable Safety Box will be allocated to the guest.
  • After guest has placed his/her items/valuables in the Safety Box, the Service Associate – Front Desk will lock/secure it with both the guest key and the hotel guard key. The guest key will be given to the guest and guest is to be advised that there is no replacement key and in the event of a lost key, there is a payment (advise the exact sum of the hotel set) required to drill open the lock.
  • Service Associate – Front Desk is to complete the Safety Box Record Card by filling in:

1. Date
2. Time
3. Issued By
4. Box Number

  • Service Associate will file the Safety Box Record Card under the assigned Safety Box number index kept in the Safety Box room.

Guest Accessing Safety Box:

  • Direct guest to the Safety Box room.
  • Present guest an Access Application card for verification to gain access to his/her Safety Box.
  • Guest is to fill up on the Access Application card:
  1. Room Number
  2. Guest Name
  3. Box Number
  4. Guest Signature
  • The Service Associate – Front Desk is to ensure the details are filled up on the Access Application card and that the guest’s signature on the Access Application card is the same as that of the signature on the Safety Box Record Card. This step is of utmost importance in ensuring the Safety Box is opened for the rightful owner. In the event of any doubt/suspicion, the Service Manager is to be called and consulted upon before opening the Safety Box for the guest.
  • Open the guest Safety Box with both the hotel guard key and the guest key. Hand the Safety Box to the guest for his/her access.
  • Once the guest has finished accessing the Safety Box, ensure that the Safety Box is properly locked and the guest key is returned to the guest.
  • Service Associate – Front Desk is to record the access number (on the Access Application card) at the back section of the Safety Box Record Card followed by the date and time each time the guest has gained access to the Safety Box.


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