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A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-3)

Here in this tutorial we will discuss 3 steps:

  • Methods of Payment
  • Handover Room Key
  • Especial Request (if any)

Methods of Payment:

If you want to gain clear concept about different methods of payment used in hotel by guests to settle his account or book his room then please read this tutorial now: Click Here

Guests can pay in different ways to book a room or settle his account. Some widely used payment methods in hotel industry are:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Direct Billing
  • Money Order
  • Voucher, etc

To avoid any future problem, it is advisable to take proper step to insure proper payment. Nowadays credit card fraud has been a common problem. So, a front desk agent needs to follow all the standard procedures before settling any account. Please read Methods of Payment in Hotel tutorial for more information.

Handover Room Key:

By issuing room key to guests, the front desk agent finishes his registration process. The procedure should be finished within 2 to 5 minutes if the guest has pre registration. Now, in this stage, front desk agent should carefully handover the room key so that no other guest may know the room number which will ensure guest privacy and at the same time should give proper direction to make the guest understand how to go there. In most cases the bellperson guides the guest to the room. If this system exist then the bellperson or if not then the front desk agent should explain room facilities and some guideline on how to use different services and equipments.

Special Requests:

Guests may have some especial requests such as:

  • Location of the room
  • Room view
  • Type of Bed
  • Smoking or non-smoking habit
  • Amenities and equipment
  • Special decoration of the room
  • Extra facilities for child and disable guest

Generally most of the hotels could manage some common guest requests. So, if possible try to help the guest by managing their request and if not possible then politely ask the inability to keep his request and if possible show the reason for that. Generally, such requests are done in times of pre registration and at that time guest knows whether his request will be kept or not. So, if the front desk agent acknowledges any request but the guest, after arriving, finds his request is not taken under consideration then he may feel highly dishonored. So, it is a prime task for an front desk agent to follow up guest requests.

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