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Schools and Colleges Affiliation Scheme

Hospitality School, world’s one of the most popular Free Hotel & Restaurant Management Training Blogs, offers an educational affiliation scheme for schools/colleges. If you are looking for accreditation or affiliation from world’s one of the popular Hospitality Management Training Blog then please follow the steps:

  1. You have to have our Ultimate Hospitality Training Resources Package that you can buy for 1000 USD. That ensures you have world’s biggest hospitality training resources.
  2. Accreditation Fee is 1000 USD for LIFETIME.

Here is what you will get:

  1. You can use our name and logo as your Education Partner.
  2. There will be a dedicated page in our website with the name of your educational institution and other details of our accreditation.
  3. Most importantly you will get access to our vast library of hospitality management resources.

How to Pay:

  1. You should pay directly to our Uk based Paypal Account.

How to Proceed:

Please email us or fill up the contact us form.



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