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Top Hotel Management Schools in USA

This article features few top hotel management schools in USA. As you know the hotel and motels not only provide source of food but also gives comfortable rooms to the clients. Above that, they also serve as the centers of the community life, providing facilities for entertainment, meetings, communication and personal services. This gives you the reason why there is progressive increase in demand of hotel jobs. However, reading in top hospitality management school and having a good and recognized degree in hotel or hospitality management becomes key to starting a new life, a life if investment and business opportunities.

Nevertheless, the choice of strength of the hotel or hospitality management degrees that you get will be determined by the choice of school you make. Wrong choice of the  school may lead you to have an uncompetitive edge, regardless of the fact that you have a hospitality degree. This may be due to the fact that the  hospitality management school may not be recognized by the government, or even accepted by the market out there. The choice of the school you want to study in is as crucial as the process of searching for the job, after graduation.

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Today, moving across the US, and worldwide too, you will find cities and towns, and villages which are dotted with hotels and motels everywhere; from the small simple looking house to the 5 star hotels. In US, hospitality industry is one of the top of all other industries, only surpassed by food and automotive industry.

For this reason, the same US has lots of hotel management schools that are willing to offer hotel management degrees at affordable price, to ensure that they also give ‘products’ from their schools, products are marketable and will influence the name of the institutions-that’s their aim. Your aim though is to ensure that you get a degree in hospitality management, that is not only recognized but one that had competitive edge in looking for opportunities in the hospitality field

Top Hotel Management Schools in USA

Hotel Management School USACornell Hotel School (NY)Cornell hotel school is an institution which educates next generation of leaders for world’s largest and the most dynamic industry. It is offers students a chance to build their knowledge and skills under most accomplished faculty in the hospitality field. Most students who have been here before have learnt from the most experiences in the faculty of hospitality education. The theories and practical gives students’ knowledge, skills and prospective for one to thrive into the hospitality industry. It boats the reputation and ability to offer the best hospitality management degree in USA.

Johnson and Wales (RI): This is one if the center of the Jewish life. The university not only gives students (you) an opportunity to get skills in hospitality, but also connects you to the Jewish culture. According to the experts, interacting with other types of cultures including Jews is very crucial especially to those who are undertaking the hotel management degrees. This is because you will have more practical and real situation of how cultural foods, especially relating to the Jews, are prepared. Traditional way of living is common here, and thus, the university offers a background to both the modern hospitality and traditional way of life.

The Art Institutes: The art institute is designed to cater for those who are searching for cooking schools, looking to immerse themselves in wide array of international influence. This institution also help those who have a desire to learn innovative culinary techniques by providing the experiences of professional chefs’ faculty. Well with the art institute hotel management degree, the student is also assured of facing the job searching task with lot of confidence.

The food service industry which is growing rapidly has made the institute to focus more on developing students to respond to the demands for international cuisines, quality, service and nutrition. The degree programs here emphasizes on the progressive techniques and trends.

As student, one gets the chance to receive practical training in modern kitchens that are adequately prepared, not different from the hotel atmosphere. This ensures that the student gets used to what the hotel is all about, and how to go about the activities around there. The reason why the art institute has become one of the best hotel management schools in USA is the ability to understand what the student wants to face the job world, and effectively providing training facilities and space for the student to exercise the skills acquired from this institution, out there. The competency in mode of course covering and delivery is recommended to every aspiring student in hotel management. With this degree, things will start to heat up in job searching and competition of hotels looking to employ you.



  1. Thank you for the opportunitie to know more about careers in hotel. All the schools listed are very espensive. Any options ? . Olusola. O. DAVIES HOTEL LTD. Ibadan Nigeria

  2. this is beautiful ilike it ,iwonder? how am i getting to be a true hotelier? i really like this job.Now I’m in NYUNGWE TOP VIEW HILL HOTEL,RWANDA

  3. how it is possible to attend hotel management education while i am at Ethiopia? is their any possibility to take the course? am BA holder in business management.


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