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Ultimate Hotel Guest Supplies Tutorial

Guest supplies refer those items which are provided by the hotel as an advantage to enhance the guest’s comfort and convenience. Though the types of guest supplies could be vary according to the nature and size of the hotel but the following areas are generally involved:

  • Amenity Packages
  • Guest essentials
  • Guest expendables
  • Guest loan items

In most cases the guest supplies affect in determining the room rate according to its quantity and quality due to huge collective cost. However the high price of luxurious items does not lead the large hotels to reduce the amount of supplies as they are a vital factor for attracting potential guests.

Guest supplies greatly require proper storage and effective security. Some guest supplies need large amount of area to store, for example items like guest pen or envelopes are stored in high volume and look very ordinary that may inspire low trained employees to use or steal. So tight security & locked storage should be made to prevent unexpected use and loss of guest supplies otherwise it may turn to be a big loss for hotel.

Amenity Packages

hotel guest suppliesAmenity can play a vital role in gaining guest’s satisfaction. Amenity packages comprises of such lavish items which are provided for the guests arranged by the hotel at free of cost to qualify the service. To make best possible use of amenity service, the items should be provided based on the guest preferences. Read Typical Guest Room Amenities in Hotels & Resorts for clear understanding about general standard amenity package.

However in most cases the expenses of these items are remunerated with the guest’s room rate. Guest amenities are not only limited to the room, but also extended to the other service like free breakfasts, entertainment etc. Most important thing is that, the waste that is produced from amenities should be handled carefully in order to avoid any pollution. Many chains hotels also work as bulk dispensers for removing waste which can keep the hotel atmosphere pollution free.

Amenity packages generally comprises of bath amenities and guest room amenities which are as follows:

1. Bath Amenities:

To provide the bath amenities is the most prime and common practice for hotels. Even a hotel can achieve reputation only by providing better bath amenities, for example: Bellagio. A standard list of bathroom amenities which are available in most hotels are as follows:

Bathroom Amenity Items
Soap Hand lotion
Aftershave Mouthwash
Face soap Shoe mitt
Shampoo Body oils
Bath gel Face lotions
Razors Shaving cream
Hair conditioner Tanning lotion
Bath salts Deodorants
Deodorant soap Body powder
Cosmetics Glycerin soap
Sewing kit Scissors
Facial mud packs Bubble bath
Perfumes Nail clippers
Loofah sponges Emery boards
Shoehorn Colognes
Fabric wash Shower cap

2. Guestroom Amenities:

The amenities which are provided and arranged in the guest’s bedroom are as follows:

Guest amenities

Free in-room beverages Luxury stationery
Clothes sachets Free snacks
Coffeemaker Bathrobes
Chocolate Flowers
Corkscrews Expensive pens
In-room movies Quality pens

Guest Essentials

Guest essentials are regarded as those items which are certainly essential for meeting the guest requirements and to improve the service. These guest essentials are proposed and arranged for continuous use even after the guest’s departure. Like guest amenities, guest essentials are not used up by the guest and remain in the hotel for serving another expecting guest.

Guest essentials are generally marked with hotel logo in order to avoid any sort of unusual incidents like missing or stealing. The cost for providing these essentials basically shared with the marketing department if hotel logos are used as advertising purposes.

Here is a list of several guest essentials that are available in every standard hotel:

Guest Essentials
Clothes hangers Ice buckets
Ashtrays Glass (or plastic) drinking cups
Plastic trays Waste baskets
Do-not-disturb signs Water pitchers
Shower mats (rubber) Fly swatters
Bibles Suit bag

Guest Expendables

Unlike guest essentials, guest expendables are planned to be used up by the guests. Hotels do not have to invest a lot for providing these guest supplies as limited budget is required.

However, some guest expendables are not completely consumed by the guest and remain after guest’s departure, such as soaps, shampoos. While preparing the room for new guest, these supplies are replenished with new one.

Though the housekeeping department is generally responsible for arranging, inventorying and storing guest supplies, but guest expendables are also provided by other department which is beneficial for smoothen the hotel operation. Some of the common guest expendables are given below:

Guest Expendables
Dry bags Plastic utility bags
Sani bags Stationary
Matches Disposal slipper
Facial tissue Laundry tickets
Magazines Notepads Postcards Pens
Toilet tissue Emery boards
Bath soaps (bar) Table tents (in-house advertising)
Individual packs of coffee Toilet seat bands
Facial soaps (bar) Candy mints

Guest Loan Items

Usually hotels do not provide guest loan items in the guest room. These supplies are only delivered when a guest request for any item on a receipted loan basis. The loan receipts signify the status (time of deliver, cost of the item) of the guest loan items.

Guest loan items are not frequently visible in the guest room as these supplies are not required by the all guests. Housekeeper stores certain necessary supplies in the linen room that can be requested by the guests which are as follows:

Guest Loan Items
Alarm clocks Hot water bottles
Irons Ice packs
Heating pads Razors
Hair dryers Electric shavers
Ironing boards Bed boards
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