Unexpected VIP Guest Check-in Procedures in Hotel

VIP means Very Important Person. In hospitality industry we treat each and every guest as VIP. No matter how much business we can do with a guest for us, our guest is ultimate boss in this business. But yes when a VIP guest really comes he or she should get some extra care after all he or she is very well known and treated as highly honorable person in the society.

Generally hotel authority get prior notice well in advanced about VIP guest check in. Since hotel management needs special arrangement (security, greeting etc) for VIP guest so whenever they come, they generally inform earlier. But what would happen if a VIP guest comes to hotel without prior reservation? Today we will discuss exact steps that you can follow in times of Unexpected VIP guest check in of your hotel.

Receive guest with warm welcome:

  • The Guest Relation officer or the Lobby Greeter or must greet the guest in a polite and professional manner.

Perform check-in procedures at front desk:

  • unexpected-vip-guest-check-in-hotelDirect the guest to the Front Desk to check-in and log into the computer to check the guests’ name.
  • If the guest visits the hotel for the first time then select the guest profile to take further actions.
  • Take out the Registration Card by printing it from the reservation system.
  • Check in to system to ensure the guest information and get the guest’s signature on the respective place.
  • Assign a room for guest based on the guest’s demand or preference or determine the particulars from the guest current profile.
  • Escort all VIPs to their special room or to the Club Lounge (if the VIP guest is staying in the Club Inter Continental).

Verify the method of payment and escort the guest to the room:

  • Check to ensure the method of payment with the guest.
  • If the method of payment is cash, guest is paying cash, courteously ask the guest for an advance deposit (a particular amount to the total of room charge, service charge, and statutory taxes).
  • Collect the deposit from the guest and make sure that a receipt is provided.
  • If the method of payment is credit card, get the credit card and note down or record all particulars on the registration card.
  • After completing all payment procedures, thank the guest and return back the credit card to the guest.
  • Guest must ensure a method of payment while check-in.
  • The guest must be escorted to his/her room by the GRO (Guest Relations Officer) or AM (Assistant Manager).
  • In case the GRO or AM is not available, the Front Desk Personnel must escort the guest to his/her room.
  • Allow the guest to enter the room first and clearly show the guest how to use the room key and open the guest room door.
  • Give a short tour of the room features and amenities. Such as:
  1. Light switches and bedside control system
  2. Climate Control
  3. Mini bar
  4. Laundry and dry cleaning supplies
  5. TV and radio
  6. Restaurants, Bar, SPA etc.
  • Also inform the guest of the following features of the hotel during rooming process:
  1. F&B outlet with their features.
  2. Breakfast venues and facilities
  3. Safety and Security precaution (ex-fire exits)

Complete the in-room check-in procedures:

  • After finishing in-room check in procedures, leave the room gently and ask for any further help by politely saying “This is your room key Sir/Madam, is there anything further that I can do for you” or “Please feel free to contact our Guest Service Center if you need anything else Sis/Madam. Enjoy your stay at XXX Hotel.”
  • Offer your Business Card.
  • Wish guest a pleasing and healthy stay by saying “Enjoy your stay at our XXX Hotel.”

Escort Club Floor Guest to the Lounge:

If the guest is a Club floor guest, the guest should be escorted by the GRO or the Front Office Personnel to the club floor lounge.

  • Serve welcome drinks and introduce club features.
  • The Hostess of the club lounge should serve the welcome drink at Club Lounge and also introduce the Club Lounge Facilities and services to the guest.

Perform quick check-in procedures for repeat guest:

  • Verify if the guest is repetitive guest from the guest history.
  • Repetitive guests may enter the room only by signing their registration card without being escorted.

Prepare VIP amenities for the VIP guest:

  • Make sure all VIP amenities are prepared duly upon completing your Check-in procedure.
  • Refer Guest to VIP standard set up and amenities.

Make a Courtesy call to the guest:

The GRO or AM must make a courtesy call to the guest to ensure guest satisfaction and qualitative service.

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