How to Serve Bread & Butter at Restaurant

Ensure that the guests have been appropriately served with bread and butter service so as to achieve guest satisfaction.


1. Prepare the bread

  • bread butter service procedureAfter the food order has been taken, proceed with the order to the pantry area (bread and butter is always only served with western food order).
  • Put a clean bread basket with a folded service napkin on a service tray and make it ready for serving.
  • Pick up the bread rolls from the warmer by using tongs and keep them in the bread basket.
  • Prepare the required tubs of butter and margarine and keep them on a clean, non-chipped B&B plate and place them on the service tray.

2. Approach the table

  • Use your left hand to carry the service tray and hold it flat on your palm firmly.
  • Make eye contact with a smile and approach the table.
  • Serve the guest from the right side of the guest with the right leg slightly ahead in front of the table and establish eye contact with a smile and say: “Excuse me Mr. X, here is your basket of bread”.

3. Place the bread basket

  • Keep the bread basket and B&B plate on the center of the guest table.

4. Serve the Bread & Butter

  • Put the butter tub with the single piece of butter.
  • While placing the butter tub, ensure that the logo of the butter pot and the brand name of the butter face toward the guest.
  • If there is a large group, serve the portioned butter on a demitasse saucer.
  • Replenish bread and butter for the guest (when required).
  • Check to ensure that all bread items are appropriately warmed before servicing to the guest.

5. Leaving the table

  • Make eye contact with a smile and acknowledge the guest by saying politely: “Thank you, Enjoy your meal, Mr. X.” and leave the table.

6. Remarks

  • Always approach from the right hand side of the guest unless it is required to do from the left side of the guest. Such as:
  1. Guests are involved in serious conversation during the meal.
  2. Inadequate space for the arrangement of the guest table.
  3. Serving or removing items are located on the left side of the guest.
  • Ensure that the breadbasket must have at least five types of bread and minimum 3 types of butter are available for guest (selection should be made as per Chef & Baker and also as per the availability).
  • Keep the bread in the oven for 1 minute at the heat of 250°C in absence of the Baker.
  • The kitchen staffs and the other staffs associated with the service must be aware of the availability of the different types of bread in the hotel on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that different types of bread are offered to guest so they can choose from that best suited to their taste, such as: Cheese roll, French baguette, Onion and olive bread, Brown roll, White roll, Italian bread, local bread (if any), Potato bread and so forth.
  • During busy nights and specialty nights, keep the breads in a warmer at back area and make the bread basket ready with proportioned butter and margarine before guest arrival.
  • You can use the following proposed portion of butter and margarine to serve the guest with:
  1. For 1 person: 2 bread rolls with 1 tub of butter and margarine.
  2. For 2 – 3 persons: 4 bread rolls with 3 tubs of butter and 2 tubs of margarine.
  3. For 3 – 4 persons: 6 bread rolls with 4 tubs of butter and 2 tubs of margarine.
  4. For 4 – 6 persons: 8 bread rolls with 6 tubs of butter and 2 tubs of margarine.


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