Some Vital Points for Efficient Service

Today we will discuss some vital points for efficient F & B Service. You should thoroughly and understand following points of service to be a great waiter and to learn policy and standards.

General Knowledge:

  • You need to know the full menu and the setting of cutlery accordingly.
  • You must know all house beverages and their prices. Familiarize yourself with the wine list; taste whenever it is appropriate to do so. Learn some standard recommendations from each section of the list; if you are unsure, ask a manager.
  • You will need to know how to open a bottle of wine using a waiter’s friend, and how to open champagne.


  • Great service is all about thinking like a guest. Things to think about:
  1. What they need at any particular moment
  2. What they no longer need
  3. What they may need very soon
  • Communication with other members of the floor staff team is the key to a successful service. Things you should share with them:
  1. Special guest needs
  2. If you need help
  3. Location of the host of a table
  4. Billing requests
  • Your uniform must include 2 pens, pad, waiter’s friend at all times.
  • Maintain eye contact, looking at tables is not enough. Never ignore a guest.
  • Only two staff members should be seen talking together at any one time in the restaurant. If you do have to talk together, make sure you face guests to keep an eye on the dining room.
  • Always speak in English during service.
  • You must not drink or eat in view of guests.
  • You must not smell of perfume or tobacco smoke.
  • Allow guests to go ahead of you in the dining room at all times. Hold doors open for guests whenever you can.
  • Try to avoid interrupting conversations, joke or story telling – wait for the right moment.
  • Never challenge or argue, even if you know that the guest is wrong. In the case of food or drink, simply remove it, apologize and ask whether they want to order something different.
  • When you ask how things are going (“How is everything? or “How was the meal?”), listen to the answer and fix whatever needs fixing.
  • Never say “I don’t know” without following with “I’ll find out”
  • Do not lean. Hands must never find their way in to your pockets, or anyone else’s!
  • Don’t touch customers!
  • Try not to “crowd” guests by having too many people at one table. Maximum 2 waiters presenting food to up to a table of six, maximum 3 at all other times.
  • Never leave the floor, even if it is only for 30 seconds, without informing the manager where you are going, and how long you will be.


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