Remember while Referring Problems to Superior

Today, I want to draw your attention to a very important topic. Today, we will learn some key points which we must remember while referring any problem to our superior. As a hotelier, you should ensure these basic points while taking any problem to your boss:

  1. Make sure that you inform him all facts and information that the guest has confirmed.
  2. You should Know exactly what the guest expects from you.
  3. Give your superior an account of your conversation with the guest. Do not exaggerate to make yourself look efficient. Stick to the facts. Do not hide anything.
  4. Tell your superior about any promise you have made to the guest. This is very important. Even do remember this point when another colleague comes to take your place in his own shift.
  5. Know at this point if your superior is going to handle the situation or if you will keep on working on the problem itself.

Dear Hoteliers, Do remember, it is not always in your best interest nor the guest’s to “pass the buck” to a person of higher authority. You should try to solve the problem on your own. If your guest insists or dissatisfied, then seek further assistance.


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