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How to Improve Your English to be a Good Hotelier

English is an international language and a business language as well. Almost in all the hotels, English has been used as the only language of communication between guest and the hotel staff. If English is not your mother tongue and you like to improve your English then this post is for you to give you some guideline so that you can improve your level of English to be a perfect hotelier-in fact as a hotelier you have to give proper service to guest and for that you need to talk and in which language? English!

You may be a very skilled person but if you don’t know English well then you will be behind some less skilled people as the hotel industry is all about servicing and communicating with guests. Almost all the departments (May be except F & B Production) has to meet with guest frequently and have to talk. So, it is better you should start improving your English right now and from this site you will get all necessary tips and lessons to meet the demand of the industry. Keep looking on English for Hotel section and if you encourage us more than very soon we will publish a perfect and most simplified text book to cover all the things you need to improve your English in Hotel.

Here are some basic tips you should follow to improve your English to be a successful hotelier :

  • Change your attitude first: English is not a language of aliens. People like you use it to share their thoughts. It is very easy to achieve big amount of proficiency if you have such passion. If you can do hard hotel job then you should build confidence that English is much easy to learn then doing any hotel job.
  • First Listen then Reply: It is always advisable that if you are a hotelier then in times of making conversation with guests you should listen him first then answer. If you try to answer quickly or stop guest while talking and give your answer then you may do mistake and at the same time guest may feel insulted as he will guess you are not listening him properly. So, never try to be an Idiot. Be calm, quite, keep patience, try to understand what guest is talking about and then reply correctly.
  • Use simple language: As an hotelier it is not expected that you are an English professor using boom busting words. Your duty is to share your thoughts not showing your English proficiency. On the other hand your guest may not understand English very well. So, the most simple words and expression you use to share your thoughts the better feedback you should get. While talking use common polite expressions, be friendly, give smile and follow proper gesture and posture.
  • Be updated: English is a global language which is being updated every now and then. So be updated by reading newspaper, magazines, surfing internet, watching television etc. There are many norms and terms which are not used at present time which used to present long time ago. So, as a smart hotelier you should not use backdated words.
  • Set vision: Level of English proficiency is a big criterion for your promotion in job field. If you become expert in your department then there is a high chance that top level authority would give you a promotion. The better position you hold the more you have to write, talk, read and listen and all are in English. So, from now set a vision in your mind that to be a good ranked hotelier you need to improve your English and it is from now. This site will be your perfect friend in your journey.
  • Learn from Expert: From your colleagues there will be some person who may have better English proficiency. Try to follow them. First try to investigate how the talk, what language they use, how they handle guest, which words in which situation they use etc. By this way, you could improve your English a lot.
  • Know Hotel English: What do I try to mean by hotel English? For better understanding, the words and expressions we have to use in hotel may be called as hotel English. There is some good range of vocabulary which is used in hotel industry. You should learn all those words first and use those. Such big list of Hotel English Vocabulary suitable in every department will be included in our ebook.
  • Avoid Carelessness: Language is such a powerful thing by which you can make your guest happy and make double selling within a second and at the same time it is you, who by mistake, may use a wrong word in wrong situation which could make your guest upset and even things may become your nightmare if you have to lose your customer for that or even he complains against you. Especially we would like to suggest you to be more careful to talk to a lady guests. So, it will be better not to use such words, you are not comfortable with and avoid complex sentences and if by mistake you use such, right at that moment do apologize to your guest and try to make the situation comfortable.




  1. Hi,i want to do hospitality and tourism course please suggest me after finish this course how would be the career and right now iam 26.thank you all.
    have a great day.

  2. Hello mates, its great post regarding tutoringand entirely defined,
    keep it up all the time.

  3. Your style is very unique compared to other people I’ve
    read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.

  4. I think…this article is very good and very informative for us especially for me.i hope i can get more good article like this…so thank you.i will try to improve my english better.

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    Throughout the entire process the team is very supportive. The processing was fast (within 3 months) and so far I didn’t find a lower fee. After my internship I plan to go back to Europe to get my Masters. Eventually I will try to apply for the H1B after. I know they also provide that type of visa.


  6. Great!, lots of things that would help indeed, looking forward for more. I myself though, an F&B Training Mgr already with 18 yrs Hotellerie experience is still learning, even when i am teaching as well! Keep up the good work, and i’m looking for any one or any memebr from this site, who might be interested to share their work, i’ll be most willing to share mine as well.Regards and more power!!!

  7. hi! i was surprised that I found your site, I really looking forward for information like this. I am currently creating policies and procedure for my workplace, but i have hard time of creating start out point, especially I need to express it grammatically correct since we will pass it through our big bosses, i am not native english speaker since in my country (Phils) native language is Tagalog…

    I am looking forward for online tutorials….

    Thank you

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. I hope my readers will do understand that I am not trying to making money only but in return give FREE Support to all. Thanks again…

  8. Hi, I am a HR Manager of a hotel. I do really need material for internal training.

    Thank you so much for your efforts and valuable information on your blog.

    Looking forwards to cooperating and having more friends working in hospitality industry.


  9. hi,i am naresh working as an HR in hospitality industry, on this site i found lot of things whcih we can implement and develope our self, but i would also like say the missing thing about HR practices .if possiable guide for HR also.
    Thank you

    • I have planned to write an Ebook on HR department but it will take more then a year. My initial plan is to write basic tutorials and produce good ebooks for hotel management students,hoteliers and job seekers….

  10. Hai my name is Shenkry x hotelier and just only open your web site. I feel like lot of thing that i can learn from this page because my self i nvr futher study after my secondry school but i learn from my experience since i was 19 years old become a hotelier as a FOA. So this is really a useful tips for me. Thank u

    • Dear Shenkry, Thanks a lot for your valuable comment. I guess i could meet your expectation. Feel free to comment, praise or criticize any of the tutorial. Please inform all your friends to visit my blog frequently. Keep in touch.


  11. I’m a Trainer in American Restaurant here in KSA and am so much thankful because I found your blog here (just now) and I can share all your tips and advice to my Team members.
    One thing I want to ask with you, I want to achieve the Trainer of the Year this year so please help me to give me some Ideas on how to give a better Training to all my Team members…


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