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Buy English for Hotel Restaurant Workers Powerpoint Collection

Do You Work at Hotel or Restaurant?

Are you afraid of Speaking English with your guests and colleagues?

Do you find English a HARD Language to speak?

Do you want to learn Professional Spoken English used at Hotel or Restaurant?

If you are a Non Native English Speaker, working at Hotel and Restaurant and you badly need to learn English for your career, then we have a great solution. Have a look. …

Many of you may know, last year we have published an amazing Professional Spoken English Guide, only for hotel and restaurant workers. Here is the guide: Learn How to Speak in English at Hotel and Restaurant . We have written that absolute guide for non native English speaking hotel and restaurant workers. If English is not your mother tongue but you need to talk to your guests and colleagues in English and you can understand basic English then this guide is for you.

Here we have taken another effort to make our guide more user friendly. We have transformed our guide into power point presentation. Now you can have the whole course in power point. If you have access to Microsoft Power Point Presentation Version 2007 or later or any other power point presentation software then you can buy this collection and enjoy learning Professional Spoken English from your home.

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Chapters of this Power Point Collection:

  1. Know your Surroundingsenglish-for-hotel-restaurant-tourism
  2. Meet the Guests
  3. Guest Courtes
  4. Time, Days & Dates
  5. Describing Hotel Facilities
  6. Telephone Courtesy
  7. General Expressions
  8. Ask your Guest
  9. Dealing with Guest Requests, Complaints & Problems
  10. Giving & Receiving Complements
  11. Directions, Locations & Transportation
  12. Offering Help or Assistance
  13. Making Comparisons

Practical Dialogues:

  1. At Human Resources Department.
  2. At Business Center.
  3. At Accounting Department.
  4. At Food & Beverage Department.
  5. At Front Office Department.
  6. At Housekeeping Department.
  7. At Sales & Marketing Department.

So don’t waste your time. If you understand basic English but feel that it should be improved, then just go ahead and buy the power point collection. Even if you are non native English speaker but you can speak in English quite well, even though you should buy this guide. It will be your great career booster.

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