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Download Hotel Telephone Operator Job Description:hotel telephone operator job

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Job Title: Hotel Telephone Operator

Reports To:

  • Hotel Front Office Manager
  • Hotel Telephone Supervisor

Job Summary:

Hotel telephone operator is responsible for guaranteeing the smooth operation and handling of all telephone communication, provides quick, well organized, polite telephone services to guest and the hotel staffs as per standards set by management.

Hotel Telephone Operator Job Description

  1. Must follow all telephone etiquette set by the hotel. Read Answering Telephone call in hotel and restaurant – Dos and Don’ts
  2. Answer telephone calls and provides a well-mannered reply to all telephone callers in a professional manner. Read our tutorial: How to receive telephone call at hotel
  3. Mainly responsible to handle all incoming and outgoing calls at front desk of the hotel. Read Proper telephone manner at hotel maintained by hotel receptionist.
  4. Must remain polite, cautious, decent while talking over telephone and maintain smile all through what will reflect on your voice.
  5. Provide through and accurate information about different services, amenities or features that the hotel provides.
  6. Take wake up call service request from guests.
  7. Provide timely wake up call service to in-house guests. Read what if guest doesn’t answer wake up call at hotel.
  8. Make record of wake up call services provided to guests.
  9. Take notes, messages through telephone and properly deliver to appropriate guests.
  10. Receive telephone call within 3 rings.
  11. Must listen to all guest complaints. Properly and professionally handle all complaints and if required seek help from seniors. Read our tutorial How to successfully handle all guest complaints at hotel and restaurant.
  12. Make proper record of the major guest complaints and ensure assistant front desk manager or front desk manager knows the issue.
  13. Must refer big administrative or operational problems to your supervisor or department head.
  14. Be familiar with different hotel terminologies and glossaries. Download our guide 6230 Hotel and restaurant terms and glossary.
  15. Carefully handle all telephone equipment and maintain proper telephone handling procedure set by hotel authority.
  16. Properly use all front desk equipment. Read Different hotel front office equipment.
  17. If there is no automatic system in the hotel, so, in case of manual system, update the guest information rack so that guest room’s updated status can be obtained at any time.
  18. Carefully handle all emergency situations like call to doctor when guests feel seek or call to fire stations when there is fire in the hotel and fire alarm is being rung, call to proper authority to handle terrorist threat or bomb threats etc. Read How to handle all emergency situations in hotel and restaurant.
  19. Assist guest in various occasions like making long distance call, arrange seat booking in local train etc.
  20. Properly handle all telephone charges by guests and employees.
  21. Properly switch call to proper department.
  22. To provide proper information about functions of different amenities, department or staffs.
  23. Properly perform all daily functions instructed by supervisor and written on hotel’s SOP.
  24. To know and keep record of all departments extension numbers, department head’s telephone numbers and if possible their private numbers so that in times of emergency they can be reached swiftly.
  25. Keep working area clean and make sure all equipment are functioning properly.
  26. Must maintain good professional relationship with other departments like housekeeping, F & B Service, Laundry, Room Service, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Security etc.
  27. If guests request then arrange conference calls. Read how to handle different request by guests.
  28. Handle paging system of the hotel.
  29. Properly handle all incoming faxes.
  30. Bill outgoing faxes.

Prerequisites to be a hotel telephone operator

Skillshotel telephone operator job description

  • Ability to communicate with guest properly in local and foreign languages like English, Spanish, French, Arabic or any other.
  • Ability to handle modern technologies like Computer, PBX Phone system, Fax machine etc.
  • Ability to handle high pressure situations.


  • University graduate is highly desirable. If not then any diploma degree in hotel or front desk management will be required.
  • At least have a higher school degree.
  • Should be able to fluently write and speak in local language.
  • Be able to communicate in major international languages like English, Spanish etc.


  • Previous 2-3 years hotel related working experience at front office is highly desirable.
  • If not then few years working experience as receptionist or telephone operator.

Knowledge Of

  • How hotel facilities and team members work.
  • Different hotel facilities, amenities, services etc.
  • Local facilities, entertainment options etc.


  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Females are preferred in some hotel.

Needed Attributes

  • Be helpful and attend guests’ any request or requirement.
  • Be a team player. Help colleagues to keep a sound, healthy but professional working environment.
  • Have warm but composed personality.

Dos and Don’ts

Don’ts Dos
Yeah Yes
What? Sorry? or Could you repeat please?
1 Second please Hold on please
Can I help you? May I assist you?
Sorry for keeping you waiting Thank you for holding.


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