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Basic English for Non English Speaking Hoteliers

People from all round the word work in the glamorous hotel industry. There are more than 50% Non English Speaking Hoteliers and Restaurateurs work in different hotels, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops etc. Hotel industry is all about serving your guest. While serving properly you have to communicate. So, if you are non English speaking personnel then don’t be afraid. I am here to help you. Also if you want to know secret magic formula to improve your English then do read this tutorial now: How to Improve your English to be a Good Hotelier

Anyway, today we will learn some basic English words and expressions depending on various situations.

1: For Addressing:

  • Mr. – To address any Gentleman (Both married & non married)
  • Mrs. – To address any Woman (Only married)
  • Miss – To address any Woman (Only Unmarried)
  • Ms. – To address any Woman (Both married & Non married)

Note: Whenever you are not sure whether your lady guest is married or not then the safest approach is to address her as Ms. But sometimes it has been found that very few lady guests become irritated at your addressing. So, if possible it is better to ask “How should I address you, Sir/Madam?”

2: Greetings:

  • Good morning, sir/madam
  • Good afternoon, sir/madam
  • Good evening, sir/madam

3: Welcoming any one:

  • Welcome to XXX hotel
  • We are glad to see you Mr. X
  • Thanks for your coming Mr. X
  • We are honored to get the chance to serve you sir

4: Asking questions or Inquiring:

  • Could I ask you, a question, sir?
  • Do you need anything else sir?
  • May I have your first name?
  • May I have your name, please?
  • Your initials, please?
  • May I have your room number?
  • May I have your signature here, sir?
  • May I know who I’m talking to?
  • May I ask who the next is?
  • May I be of your service, madam?
  • May I recommend our XXX to you, sir?
  • May I help you with that, madam?
  • Is there anything else I can do for you, madam?

5: Wishing your Guest:

  • Have a pleasant stay in the XXX Hotel, sir
  • Have a pleasant stay with us, madam
  • Have a nice day!
  • Have a pleasant evening
  • Have a good weekend!
  • Have a good day
  • Enjoy your stay/day
  • Happy New Year!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Happy Birthday!

6: Apologizing:

  • I am terribly sorry, sir
  • Excuse me
  • I’m awfully sorry
  • I beg your pardon, sir
  • Excuse me for interrupting
  • Sorry to have bothered you
  • I’m sorry. A guest is waiting for me
  • I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir
  • I’m sorry. The house is fully booked

7: Answer to apologizing:

  • It’s Ok
  • No problem
  • No problem at all
  • That’s all right
  • It doesn’t matter
  • It’s nothing

8: Thanking any one:

  • Thank you
  • Thank you very much
  • Thank you for telling us
  • Thank you for your compliment
  • Thank you for coming
  • Thank you for calling
  • Thank you for waiting
  • Thank you for being so understanding
  • That’s very kind of you
  • Thank you very much

9: Answering Thanks:

  • You are welcome
  • It’s my pleasure
  • My pleasure
  • With pleasure
  • Thank you

10: Assuring your guests:

  • Don’t Worry, sir
  • Take it easy
  • Don’t worry, madam. We’ll see to it
  • Don’t be afraid sir
  • I’ll look into the matter
  • I’ll be with you in a moment
  • It won’t be too long, sir
  • Please take it easy, madam

11: Directing to a destination:

  • Come with me, I will show you the way
  • Follow me please
  • Let me show you
  • This way, please
  • Go down to the lobby
  • Please take the lift to the 5th floor and turn right
  • Turn left/right at the first corner

12: Show eagerness to serve:

  • I am always at your service sir
  • Feel free to call me, sir
  • Very good, sir. I’ll be glad to help
  • Certainly, madam. I’ll be happy to do it
  • Yes, I will
  • My name is X, if there is anything we can do for you, just let us know

13: Declining any offer:

  • I am terribly sorry sir, I cannot accept it
  • It is out of our rule sir, I can’t help you sir
  • That’s very kind of you, but no, thank you
  • I’m afraid we cannot do that
  • That won’t be necessary, sir, but thank you all the same
  • This is out of our scope sir
  • I’m sorry, there is no discount
  • I’m sorry, madam, I’m afraid we don’t have any available
  • What you are requesting is beyond our capability sir

14: Answering any Request (When you are Uncertain):

  • I will try my level best, but can’t guarantee you, sir
  • I will try, but not sure enough
  • I’m sorry we cannot guarantee, but we’ll do our best
  • I’m sorry, sir. I’m afraid I’m not sure, but I’ll ask some one for you
  • If you wait a moment, sir, I’ll try to find it out

15: Expressing happiness:

  • My pleasure. I’m happy everything was to your satisfaction
  • I’m glad to hear that
  • It is great sir
  • I am very fortunate sir

16: Expressing sorry:

  • I am shocked to hear it, sir
  • I’m sorry to hear that
  • It’s a great pity
  • I am really sorry sir

17: Expressing concern:

  • Are you ok, sir?
  • Is everything all right?
  • Are you all right, sir?
  • I hope you did not hurt yourself
  • Would you like to see the doctor?
  • I hope you are better now
  • Are feeling ok?
  • Should I call our doctor?

18: Agreeing on anything:

  • Certainly sir
  • Definitely sir
  • That’s true
  • Absolutely, sir
  • Exactly, sir
  • Why not?

19: When you don’t understand something:

  • Could you repeat please?
  • I am sorry, sir. I don’t get your point
  • Could you speak more slowly?
  • I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. Should I get the manager?
  • Pardon?

20: Finishing Conversation:

  • Good bye, and have a nice trip
  • Have a nice day
  • See you
  • Thank you for coming
  • Sorry, I have to go. Nice talking with you
  • We all look forward to serving you again
  • Hope you enjoyed staying with us


  1. Thanks a lot for a wonderful gift for hotel professionals to learn and grow in life and career. But let me tell how can i down load this .It is very essential for me cause i’m a sr. trainer (hospitality), so it will be fruitful for my students. So pls suggest

  2. so great to have this,
    i’m a trainee here , and stil learning about some phraseologies.. a bigggggg thank you……. mwa……….

  3. Dear
    very good and helpfull for non english speaking hotelier, if they try must b successful in partical life.
    Best Of Look to them


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