How to Gain Menu & Beverage Knowledge

Today, we will learn how to be familiarized with Menu and Beverage. All Food & Beverage Service personnel in Hotel or Restaurant should clearly understand different beverages sold in different outlets along with it’s terms. They should also have clear conception about menu and different terminologies.

Menu Knowledge:

A Food & Beverage personnel should know the following points of information regarding menu clearly:

  • Dishes name.
  • What it looks like.
  • What it tastes like.
  • What are the ingredients of the dish.
  • Cooking method.
  • Preparation time.
  • Required plate, cutlery, garnish, condiments.
  • How to serve.
  • Abbreviation.
  • Price.

Remember: As a Service personnel the more knowledge you will have on different menu items, the better you can suggest your guest. This is a remark of a good Hotelier.

Beverage Knowledge:

To get clear conception on different beverage items & terminologies follow these steps:

  1. Learn the most common drinks including standard spirits, soft drinks, beers and house brand.
  2. Learn the ingredients of the most common cocktails and making method.
  3. Learn the bases of popular liqueurs.
  4. Try to know where the wine/spirits produced and how they are made.
  5. Try to be familiarize with all different glasses.
  6. Know abbreviation of each item.
  7. Try to be familiarize with serving different drinks.
  8. Know all different mixers, condiments and accompanies.


  1. am very glad for the good knowlege you gave us about food and beverage for am still learnig in hotel and restourant management at Rwanda tourism university college and i like this course much please keep on sending us what know

  2. Send me what is new in F.and B. Service deparment. And send me more website address which give me best knowledge in which i can improve my life

  3. very informative, want to thank you for giving us excellent knowledge its really helpful like us who is working in hospitality business. please try to send us more information about wines and spirits also if u can give us some knowledge about foodinfor, such as mother sauce, stocks, cuts ext,

  4. Dear tanji
    every f and b knowledge is very good for hoteler iam working at Soaltee crowne plaza at kathmandu Nepal in room service I want to some knowledge about room service, kindly provide me. and other hotelers also
    thank you,
    ram Krishna
    Kathmandu , Nepal

  5. I have done my diploma in hotel management and i am working in a restaurant captian. I like this type of course they gives us very new ideai to improve the food and beverage serive i am serach a lote of website about food and beverage service at last i found a good website for my carrer to gain some new knowledge about food and beverage servic.


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