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Making Room Reservation on Telephone (SOP)

October 6, 2010


Read this Tutorial first: How to take Reservation on phone. This will give you more theoretical concept which will be needed to understand this particular tutorial.


For a front desk agent making proper reservation is the most important job. Generally most of the reservation has been done by phone. Here you will learn exactly what steps a front desk agent needs to follow to make a reservation in phone.

Training Video

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Steps You Should Follow

Step-1: Answer the telephone within 3 rings.

Step-2: Greet the guest properly. “Good Morning, Front Desk. This is XXX hotel. How may I assist you?”

Step-3: In this stage be sure about the name and when guest wants to check in and check out. Try to understand this conversation:

Guest: “I want to make a reservation”

Agent: Ok sir. How should I address you?

Guest: I am Robert Temple.

Agent: Ok Mr. Temple, are you our priority Club Member?

(Ask to ensure about guest) Or

“Did you stay here before?”

(If guest says yes then ask following question)

“May I have your previous check in & check out date, please?”

(Ask this question to know what price was offered before and what is guest preference and other information related to that particular guest)

Step-4: After confirming about guest proceed to the next level. In this case, first look for room inventory. You may either find any vacant room or no room for sale. Now, follow these steps in those cases.

If you don’t find any room Available:

Agent: I am terribly sorry, Mr. Temple. All our rooms are booked on XXX date. If you wish then I can put your reservation on waiting list or would you like me to recommend another hotel?

Now if guest want his reservation to be put on waiting list then take full details about the guest and give him a reservation confirmation number.

If you find a room Available:

Now your approach will be to know which room will best match with guest. Follow these steps:

Agent: OK, MR. Temple, will you travel alone or not?

(As a agent your duty is to recommend such room which match with guest. If guest travel with family then you cannot recommend him a single room and on the other hand if he comes with a family or friends then you should look for family room or others which is for more than 1 person. Read our Room Types tutorial for clear concept.)

Agent: MR. Temple, currently we have deluxe room, suit and studio room to accommodate your family.

(If you have different types of rooms vacant then give some options to guest.)

Step-5: Try to highlight different features of each type of rooms and their price. If there any is any discounted offer, offer it. Be ready all the time for up selling.

Step-6: Make reservation properly. First be sure about guest name.

Agent: How should I spell your name sir?

Guest: It is R-O-B-E-R-T  Robert and Then T-E-M-P-L-E Temple

Agent: Is it R-O-B-E-R-T  Then T-E-M-P-L-E ?

Guest: Yes, you are right.

Then politely request him for guaranteed booking.

Agent: Mr. Temple as you know our hotel is a busy hotel. So, I would like to recommend you to guarantee your booking as we have very high occupancy rate, you know.

Step-7: Explain your procedure for guaranteed reservation.

Agent: Mr. Temple I just make your reservation guaranteed. This will ensure your booking. Now, if you do not come on XXX date, without informing us then one night room rate will be charged from your credit card as penalty. But if you like to change your reservation then you have to inform us 24 hours in advance. I guess you understand our policy.

Step-8: Get contact details.

Agent: May I have your contact number and address, please.

Step-9: Offer more services to your guest.

Agent: Mr Temple we are offering more for our guest. Would you like us to arrange pick up service for you in the airport?

Guest: Yes, that’s great.

Agent: OK sir. For transportation facility, both fax or telephone and credit card guarantees are required. Once we received confirmation from you, our concierge will contact you and make all the arrangements.

Step-10: Now you will approach to close down the selling. Repeat all required information to be sure that you have made proper reservation.

Agent: So, MR. Temple now I am going to repeat your reservation details. You like to be checking in on XXX and your checking out date is XXX. You preferred non-smoking, twin bedded supreme room for you and your family. Room rent is XXX US$ per night which included complimentary breakfast. You also pay in advanced for transportation service. Your confirmation number is XXX”

Guest: Yes, you are right.

Step-11: Thanks the guest for his calling and finish the conversation.

Agent: Thanks you Mr. Temple for choosing XXX hotel. Certainly you take the right decision. So, Mr Temple see you on XXX. Have a nice day.

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