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Proper Telephone Manner in Hotel

January 4, 2010

Telephone plays a very important role in hotel industry. Generally people outside from hotel calls for reservation or booking or change of schedule or passing message knowing information or talking to any guest. In all the cases the person who will receive the phone has to consider some basic telephone manner. Also if you are a front desk agent then you have to know some telephonic spelling codes used globally to write proper spelling of a guest. So if you are a non-English or even an English speaker you should know some well known telephone manners.

Tips for using telephone in Hotel

Let the caller know who you are and from where you are talking by let him know your name, your department name, designation you are holding etc.

  1. Use some common phrases over telephone.
  2. If you have to receive phone call frequently then you must have to have some essential materials like telephone guide, essential number and price list of your hotel, notepad, pen, pencil, eraser etc.
  3. Try not to make the conversation lengthy, make it short and be specific.
  4. If possible try to ask some questions to know what guest want to inform that will ensure your sincerity to guest.
  5. As over telephone no one can see each other so set your voice tone in a friendly manner.
  6. You must not engage with other work like eating, drinking or writing while talking to guest because that could be an obstacle.
  7. Remember and must use globally used common telephonic spelling codes.

Globally used common telephonic spelling codes

  • A for     Alpha
  • B for     Beta/Bravo
  • C for     Charlie
  • D for     Delta
  • E for     Echo
  • F for     Foxtrot
  • G for     Golf
  • H for     Hotel
  • I for     India
  • J for     Juliet
  • K for     Kilo
  • L for     Lima
  • M for     Mike
  • N for     November
  • O for     Oscar
  • P for     Papa
  • Q for     Quebec
  • R for     Romeo
  • S for     Sierra
  • T for     Tango
  • U for     Uniform
  • V for     Victor
  • W for     Whisky
  • X for     X-ray
  • Y for     Yankee
  • Z for     Zulu

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1 pramod kumar September 2, 2017 at 7:57 am

I have no hotel management degree,but may be this course help me alot in my training .


2 Hotelier Tanji September 9, 2017 at 8:29 pm

Nice to know that Mr. Pramod Kumar. Keep visiting our website regularly.


3 white gold rings ernest jones April 14, 2015 at 2:34 pm

Ultimately, I guess my point is, that not all of the
rules will apply all of the time.


4 Shadrack Wawire May 10, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Dear Tanji,
This is very informative and i believe it is going to help us polish up and better our communication skills.
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how to motivate the staffs need some tips .kindly send through mail


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It’s good for every hotelier for improving communication & become good hotelier as well.


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It is a wonder effort to help the trainers and nnew entrants to the industry. I hope e-books and videos will be available soon for sharing the knowledge. Keep going !!!


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