How to Prevent Cuts in Kitchen

If you engage with food production in hotel then everyday you have to cut a lot of things. If you are not well trained and careful enough then there is a high chance of your finger cut.

Tips to Prevent Cutting of Hand

  1. First learn how to use any cutting, slicing or grinding equipment before you even use it. Learn from an experienced one is the best way to use those.
  2. Keep all safety and after incident materials (like bandage) nearer to you so that if something goes wrong, you can take proper step.
  3. Keep knives and other cutting utensils sharp. It will prevent finger cutting. If your knife is dull, not sharp enough, then you have to pressure more that could cause slip and cut your finger.
  4. Use proper utensils for specific task. It will not be a good idea to try to open a can with a knife.
  5. Use cutting board. You can keep a towel to keep it in optimal level to prevent slipping.
  6. Do not talk or gossip while you are cutting anything. Pay attention to your work.
  7. Sometimes during work it may happen that your hand slips and knife falls. Don’t ever try to catch a fallen knife. Beware this is very dangerous. Let the knife be fallen then just take that and wash.
  8. Try to make habit to pick up the knife by its handle not by its blade.
  9. Always wear protective hand gloves (like the picture) in one hand.
  10. Never put knife in a sink or under water or in any other places from where it is not visible. There is a high chance of cutting in that situation.
  11. Clean and sanitize your knife after use and keep it in a perfect place like rack, after using it.
  12. Handle glass with extra care to avoid falling and cutting. If glass is broken then don’t use hands, just sweep up.
  13. Learn how to carry knives. Don’t be victim! Hold it beside you by pointing down the sharp edge.
  14. Don’t use your finger at the very last stage to push anything towards cutting blade.
  15. During opening crates and cartons, remove all nails and staples and then dispose those.



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