Wake-up call Handling Procedure

Wake up call is an in-house telephone call to a sleeping guest at a specific time to wake him up, predetermined by the guest. It is generally done in the morning but a guest may require any time of the day. It is the duty of telephone department to wake up the guest but if the call will be made up for airline crews or group of guests then lobby personnel will take get calls from local airline operators about the timing of the flight and then they should forward the message to telephone operator.

In case of airline or groups generally the wake-up call should be done 45 minutes or 1 hour before the pickup time. In small hotels it is the duty of front desk agent to wake-up guests.

Wake Up Call Handling Tips

  • Give full attention to write proper room number, name and time to wake-up guest to avoid any mistake.
  • Always ensure that guest really wakes up after your call. You can politely ask the guest that if he wants to have a 2nd wake-up call or not.
  • If no reply is done by the guest while you are calling or guest just hang up the phone and hardly give any reply then you should call him again.
  • While calling you should start this way, “Good Morning, Mr. X. This is 6 Am in the morning which is your wake up time. Have a nice day.”
  • After getting your call, a guest may not understand the situation quickly as he just wakes up. So give him some time and explain again why you call him.
  • If after 2nd call, guest does not respond at all then send the bellperson to knock his door and wake him up.



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