Safety Procedures in a Hotel (Part-2)

Previously in our first tutorial, we have discussed Safety Procedures in Hotel. Today we will share the 2nd part of the series:


Apart from the kitchen staffs, the service staffs are the next big thing who can ensure hygiene and safety of food and whole serving procedures since they also can be responsible for bringing bacteria and diseases to food.

hotel safety procedureEven sometimes guests decide the standards of the hotel/restaurant by looking the neat and hygienic appearance of the staffs. Therefore, to maintain the hygiene of the hotel personnel, every hotel or restaurant has some standard rules and guidelines which are to be followed by service personnel, such as:

  • Cover up all injuries & infections with bandage or take other progressive actions.
  • Wear sanitary cloves when required.
  • Never cough or sneeze in front of food.
  • Do not smoke or chew anything while on duty.
  • Have a short haircut and wear a kitchen cap while on the kitchen. For female, long hair should be coiled up at the back with hairnet.
  • Do not pick your nose in front of others.
  • Wash your hands frequently and exposed portions of arms with a hand washing cleaning agent. Wipe your hands with clean napkin
  • Stains of food, ball-pen ink or dust must be kept out of reach from the guest.
  • Nails should be short, clean and manicured. Using of nail polish is not allowed.
  • Uniform must be flawlessly cleaned and well pressed.
  • Shoes must be polished and free of any mark.
  • Take bathe before coming on duty and spray deodorants.

To ensure the highest standard of service, maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness of service staffs are not enough. The servers also have to know the basic customs for handling serviceware to maintain the safety and hygiene procedures of the hotel.

The norms that are to be followed by the servers are given below:

  • Do not handle food with bare hands. Always use gloves, tongs and service spoons to handle and serve food.
  • If any servieware or service utensil is fallen on the floor then replace them immediately or use them after washing properly.
  • Ensure that all serviceware and tableware are polished and sanitized as per standard before each use.
  • Store all tableware in a clean and dry place at least 6 inches above from the floor and keep them away from flies, dust, splashes, and other contaminants.
  • Never touch servicewares that comes in direct contact with guest mouth. Always hold dishes by the rims, glasses by their bases, and silver by the handles in order to prevent any contamination of food or lip-contact surfaces.
  • Make sure that the bottom of trays or dishes are always kept clean to protect the table cloths and uniforms from damaging.
  • Properly monitor and inspect each dish before serving to guest to check whether the food are free from any physical contaminants or not like hair, glass, pins etc.
  • Service staffs are also required to monitor and ensure certain precautions during serving the guests. Each and every service staff should be informed about the preparation time of food in order to serve guests with hot food immediately.
  • Clear and remove any used and dirty serviceware or service utensils immediately after the completion of guests food and deposit them at the dishwasher.


  1. l have loved this training and l concur to it because l too read the whole programme of HEALTH&SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE. Very relevant!


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