Beer Service & Types in Hotel & Restaurant

Beer Service in Hotel & Restaurant

Beer is considered as one of most widely consumed and popular alcoholic beverage. Beer is produced by brewing and fermenting malted barley, yeast, water and other starchy cereals, and flavored with hops (for pleasant bitter flavor) and other natural ingredients adding with an alcohol content ranging from 2 to 15 percent.

Special yeasts are needed to produce different kinds of beers. Beer contains more than 90 percent water, and the Excellency of the beer often recognized by the stems from the water.

Beer Service Types Hotel RestaurantBeer are basically served in mug, pilsner, schooner, tumbler, shell, stein, or hourglass tumbler, in a variety of glasses, or in a bottle accompanied by a glass. When serving, be sure to wipe the bottle before bringing it to the table

Before serving beer, the waiter must ensure that all beer glasses and beer bottle are wiped and spotlessly clean, and without lubricant.

Types of Beer

The term beer is basically a general term which can take on thousands of interpretations. Among them most popular terms that used for beer are:

  • Lager a clear light bodied refreshing beer which is used when the beer is aged and brewed as sparkling beverage. All lager beers are aged by keeping for several months before putting them into bottles, cans, or kegs. Most lagers hold 3to 4 percent alcohol.
  • Ale is another generic form of beer that differs from lager beer since it is fuller bodied beer and bitter. Ale is flavored with more strong flavor of hops and added with higher range of alcohol content than that of lager beer. Ale always should be served at a warmer temperature.
  • Stouts is dark ale with a sweet, strong, malt flavor and colored by barley and contain high range of alcohol about 6%.
  • Porter is also a range of dark ale comes in black, fruity-dry, top fermenting style. The volume of alcohol is similar to stouts.
  • Malt is another type of beer which is dark and sweeter in taste and flavored with malts. Malt can be both light and full bodied.

Steam beers, dry beers, and ice beers also some popular types of beer.

These variations of beer also come with their distinct characteristics. Such as, pilsner is a lager beer (most popular style of beer) with a light, golden color flavored with hops containing alcohol 4 to 5 percent. Light beer which is also lager beer particularly brewed in order to decrease the proportion of carbohydrates and calories and light beer is another popular style of beer due to having lower amount of alcohol. And Amber a very versatile and full bodied beer, Amber could be either lager or ale. Blonde ales are clear and crisp beer which come in light color and taste in low-to-medium bitterness.

Procedures for Serving Beer

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