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hotel-training-videos-downloadHospitality School proudly presents the Biggest & Ultimate Hotel & Restaurant Training Videos collection. Our team has worked really hard and make a good collection of real life and most useful hospitality management training videos that you should watch as FREE, take notes and implement in your career. These videos should be very useful hotel hotel and restaurant management students and staffs.

Food & Beverage Service Training Videos

  1. Ultimate Food and Beverage Service Training Video
  2. F & B Quality Service Skills: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
  3. Hyatt Guest Services Training
  4. Restaurant Server Training
  5. Restaurant Training Video
  6. Basic Waitstaff Training
  7. Serve Food and Beverage to Customers: Part 1 & Part 2
  8. Provide Food and Beverage Service: Part 1 & Part 2
  9. Food & Beverage Service Industry

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Hotel Front Office Training Videos

  1. Ultimate Hotel Front Office Training Video
  2. Hotel Front Office – Telephone Skills Video
  3. Hotel Front Office Training Video – Step by Step
  4. Hotel Reception Desk Training Video
  5. 25 Unprofessional Hotel Front Desk Sins
  6. Hotel Check in Procedure
  7. Handling Telephone Complaints
  8. Phone Etiquette Training

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Hotel Housekeeping Training Videos

  1. Ultimate Hotel Housekeeping Training Video
  2. Rooms Division Operations Management
  3. In depth training on Hotel & Resort Housekeeping
  4. Learn how hotel housekeeping should be done
  5. Professional Bed Making and Cleaning Tips : Four Seasons Hotel, Paris
  6. Bed making – Step by Step
  7. Hotel Housekeeping Featuring Holiday Inn Express
  8. Hospitality Housekeeping Service Training
  9. Guest Laundry Service Training in Hotel
  10. How Hotels Deal with Dirty Laundry
  11. How to Clean a Room
  12. Housekeeping Training: Bathroom
  13. Housekeeping Training: Living Areas & Game Rooms
  14. Housekeeping Training: Bedroom
  15. Housekeeping Training: Kitchen
  16. Hotel Housekeeper Safety Training
  17. Learn how to Produce Clean Bathroom
  18. How to Mop a Bathroom
  19. Stay Safe: Awareness Training for Housekeepers
  20. Housekeeping Trolley

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Hotel Room Service (In Room Dining) Training Videos

  1. In Room Dining Server
  2. In Room Dining Room Service Training Video

Food & Beverage Production Training Videos

  1. Food & Beverage Production & Service System
  2. Menu & Recipe Planning
  3. Food Preparation Standards

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Handling Guest Complaints in Hotel & Restaurant Videos

  1. 50 Reasons that Make Guests Unhappy
  2. 6 Steps to Handling Guest Complaint
  3. Smart Way to Handle Guest Complaint at Restaurant
  4. Hotel Complaints – Just Another Opportunity to Wow
  5. Dealing with Hotel Complaints: Part 1, Part 2

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Hotel & Restaurant Management Career Videos

  1. Career in Hospitality Industry
  2. Worldwide Career in Hotel Management
  3. Industry Insights: Careers in Hospitality
  4. A Career in Hospitality
  5. Inspiring future careers in tourism, hospitality, events and spa management
  6. Career Clusters – Hospitality and Tourism

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Hotel & Restaurant Safety & Security Training Videos

  1. Hospitality Security Awareness
  2. Hotel Fire Safety Training Video
  3. Hotel Employee Back Injure Prevention
  4. Hotel Worker Safety Orientation
  5. Bed Bug Training for Hotel
  6. Kitchen Safety Training Video
  7. Laundry Employee Safety Training
  8. What To Do In Case Of A Bomb Threat

Hotel & Restaurant Hygiene & Sanitation Training Videos

  1. Restaurant Sanitation & Hygiene
  2. Food Safety & Hygiene Training Video
  3. Basic Introduction to Food Hygiene
  4. Food Worker Training Video
  5. Food Safety & Sanitation
  6. Food Storage Videos
  7. Food Safety & Sanitation

Hospitality Marketing Training Videos

  1. Marketing in Hospitality Industry: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  2. The Four Pillars of Hotel Marketing: How to increase Direct Bookings
  3. What Should Hotels Focus On In 2015?
  4. Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Double Restaurant Profits
  5. How to Double your Restaurant Sales: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Hospitality Industry – Overview

  1. Contemporary Hospitality Industry: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  2. Hotel Front Desk Agent
  3. Food & Beverage Server
  4. Food & Beverage Manager
  5. Housekeeping Room Attendant
  6. Housekeeping Room Attendant Trainer
  7. Line Cook
  8. Kitchen Helper
  9. In-Room Dining Server
  10. Bartender
  11. Cook
  12. Restaurant Manager
  13. Baker

English for Hotel & Restaurant Training Videos

  1. Learning English at the Restaurant
  2. Learning English Concierge
  3. How to Show Guests to their Room
  4. Basic English Conversation at Hotel

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