Career in Hotel Industry

The careers of both the restaurants and hotel are part of hospitality industry. Simply, it means that they revolve around in ensuring that people are comfortable and also welcome. Whether providing a great meal at reasonable price or clean comfortable room for a night, career in hotel industry is broad.

Hotel and restaurant managers and everyone working on provision of these services thrive to make the guests happy and enjoys working and contacting with various types of people. Careers in hospitality industry will also call for juggling variety of responsibilities. The funny part is that; while the staffs strives to ensure that the customers are happy, it is the manager who gets the praise or blame of how the hotel is run.

No matter how large or small a hotel may be, some of the basic hotel careers in the hotels include;

  • Career hotel industryOverseeing the food cooking and preparation.
  • Checking the food quality and portion in relation to the dish size.
  • Continuous monitoring of workers and patrons observation.
  • Handling customers complains and working towards continuous improvement of the services to the customers.
  • Ordering of food, linens, beverages and fixtures supplies.
  • Interviewing, firing and hiring of staffs.
  • Daily tally of the receipts and payments of cash.
  • Scheduling of work shifts of the employees.
  • Assuring there is health compliance.

Salary Scales in the Hotel Industry:

Knowing the salary range of the hotel managers will give you a picture of whether the career is best suiting your life situations or not. Examples of the salaries paid to the lodging managers, report from the American Hotel and Lodging are:

  • Executive housekeeper-$31,500
  • Reservations manager-$31,100
  • Front office manager-$33, 900

This gives you the reason why career in hotel industry is increasingly having competition, with most people longing to have at least one of the positions here. Other hotel position’s salaries include;

  • 1) Sale manager- $37,000
  • 2) Controller- 57,000
  • 3) Food and beverage director-62,400
  • 4) General manager- $108,487
  • 5) Human resource director-$49,000
  • 6) Sales and marketing Director-$70,100

The bureau of labor and statistics gave a report that the food service managers earn an average of $31, 720.

Most people argue that liberal arts education gives excellent preparation not only for work purposes but also gives preparation towards life in general. They are very right. However, most students are not interested in liberal arts and thus they will not be eager to learn. While on the other hand, hardworking students are to get career in hotel industry have program that interests them and thus there is no reason one should have a separation from the preparation of life. The hospitality industry is a service industry and management of institutions in service varies a lot. Food may be the outcome of a restaurant but at the same time there was some manufacturing which was done at this same place, which offers the service. Thus, the hospitality management program provides special advantage for the students who decide to take a career in the hotel industry.

Why People are Looking for Career in Hotel Industry:

The best answer for this question can perhaps fall into these three categories;

  • The experience
  • Interest of the student
  • Ambition of the student

Jobs in hotel industry will require motivation and creativity. Apart from that, one will be required to think out of the box on how to better the place he or she found-the hotel. If the student didn’t want to do the course in the first place, these three factors; motivation, innovation and thinking out of the box will never be as reality. Students choose career in hotel industry because they have a desire to have the course and they believe it has a ‘calling’ on what they are supposed to do. This has seen most people move to become famous chefs and managers in the very big and famous hotels you know.

Whether you are studying hospitality management because you are thinking of starting a business or because you have found the past job experience so interesting, or even simply because you have seen the need for hotel managers in your area, management studies is very crucial in preparation of the business entrepreneurs. Some of the areas that career in hotel industry touches are;

Food service:

  • Food service managers
  • Banquet managers
  • Restaurant managers


  • Front office managers
  • Sales managers
  • Guest services managers
  • Housekeeping Supervisor


  • Banquet cook
  • Chef supervisor
  • Station cook

Travel and tourism:

  • Tour Operator
  • Travel agent
  • Festival manager
  • Meeting and convention planner
  • Market researcher

Career in hotel industry gives more job opportunities for one to choose, depending on your taste, the experience, salary among other determinants-the choice is yours!!


  1. Der sir/mam i am truly inspired and wana learn more of hotel management but due to financial problem i am not being able to study so if by any chance and possiblity of studying i would be very delighted. With respect Samuel

  2. These days hotel industry are grooming so highly in market and there are lots of hotel are opens up for the industry, because of this revolution more jobs are coming to this industry, so i think hotel industry will be a great carrier, for those who are really interested.


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