Types of Complainer Guests in Hotel & Restaurant

Handling Guest Complaint in Hotel & Restaurant has been a prime concern for most hoteliers. Few months back, here in this Free Hotel Management Training Blog I have written this exclusive tutorial on How to Handle Guest Complaint in Hotel & Restaurant. Also I have shared a Hotel Management SOP on Step by step guest complaint handling. After publishing these 2 articles, I got serious amount of requests from my visitors for what I had decided to write an Ebook on that topic. Hopefully that will come by this year. My today’s Free Hospitality Management Training Tutorial is from my unfinished Ebook. Hope you guys enjoy reading my today’s article.

In a hotel or restaurant everyday hundreds or thousands of guests come and go. All are different. They come from different countries, possess different levels of education and most importantly each carries different personalities. It is you, as a server or hotelier, have to handle all types of guests. Let’s learn some different types of complainers to handle them properly.

Different Types of Complainer Guests in Hotel & Restaurant:

As we discussed earlier, all guests are different. According to the expressions of the complainer guests, we can classify them into these categories:

(1) Intellectual Type:

Such guests are generally are older in age. Generally they complaint in depressed mood with calm tone. Intellectual guests try hard to be rational and beat you with their logical arguments. Their expression remains cool all the time and they have good personality. Such guests are quite easy to handle but sometimes you may found quite irritating too. In order to deal with this group of people you should remember:

  • Listen their logic properly.
  • Know the facts properly.
  • Don’t rush to agree to apology first.
  • Be logical all the time.
  • Don’t promise anything you are not sure. They will remember every single detail.
  • Don’t afraid on their cool calm voice and influencing personality.

(2) Offensive Type:

Such guests are mostly found in restaurants than in hotels. Sometimes a single offensive guest is well enough to hamper your business. They don’t care anything. Express their emotions loudly with wicked language, behave rudely and try to gather public attraction. Be prepared to take hard actions to handle such guests. Follow these points:

  • Don’t react aggressively.
  • Be friendly and try to handle with calm approach. There is no point to play with fire rather put water on fire to stop it. Your calm approach is like putting water on fire.
  • Isolate the guest. Offer him to talk in a corner. Suggest them to set down. Human psychology is such that when we sit we become less aggressive.
  • Keep eye contact.
  • Don’t interrupt. Let them show their emotions first.
  • Try to find the right moment to response.
  • Take notes of their complaint. It will give you 2 advantages as the person will become careful about his complaint and language and as writing needs more time then speaking so there is a possibility that he would calm down as the time progresses.
  • If you can’t handle then refer to the superior one.
  • If nothing makes the complainer calm and if he continues misbehaving then don’t hesitate to call the security.

(3) Distressed Type:

Often you may find some guests who look not feeling comfortable. Sometime they show anger, sometime remain silent, sometime harshly question. Their total presence, body movement, gesture, posture, language will make you feel they are not happy with the atmosphere. In this case follow these steps:

  • Before they complaint at you, approach to them and ask them “Is everything all right sir
  • Try to find out why they are distressed. Sometimes for personal problem people show agony with third person.
  • If they are not satisfied with your service and facilities then follow previously discuss tips to make them satisfied.
  • To change their mood you can offer them freebies like free drink or free deserts.

Whoever your guests are, try to meet your standard. As an hotelier all the time be prepare to serve any kind of guests. Never forget the old saying “Guest is always right”.

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