Grooming & Hygiene Guideline for Servers

Hospitality is such a professional service where each & every staff has to maintain hundred percent professionalism with pure grooming and hygiene. Here are some tips for every waiter to maintain grooming and hygiene:


  1. Daily Shower has to be taken-this is must.
  2. You should be well uniformed, well fitting, spotless.
  3. Pay especial attention to your hands. Keep it clean. Always wash your hand after going to toilet or smoking or touching anything.
  4. Shoes should be well polished, comfortable, clean, conservative and neatly designed.
  5. Male waiter and servers should be well shaved.
  6. Females should use light makeup.
  7. No excessive jewellery should be used. Ear rings may be allowed but it will depend on organizational policy.
  8. Use soft aftershave and perfumes. Do not use strong one which could distract guests.
  9. Avoid bad mannerisms like scratching your face, making sounds by your fingers, showing bad signs, cleaning nose, fingering through hair etc.
  10. Try to have nice deep sleep to keep yourselves fit for your daily work.

Training Video

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  1. dont you think times have changed with the shaving thing.
    i think that if yiur facial hair is nice and cut back , it doestn limit you from your knowledge at work.

  2. i need more information about why that all hotelier have to follow thestandard grooming and appearance for their hotel.?

  3. am ethiopia i have not ability to buy. please free me the refrance of grooming guidline of server.thank you to assist me

      • your tutorial is a great help dear…may i take this opportunity and use it for basic teaching to my kitchen staff?? it will be a great help.
        please allow me to do so.

        Awaiting your kind response

        Raja Shahbaz


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