Personal Hygiene Guideline for Food Worker

For each and every hotelier hygiene and sanitation is such an issue which has to be handled carefully. Especially if you work in food preparation department then you need to be more careful than anyone else. Because of your carelessness guest may be affected by different food borne diseases. So, to avoid such situation, first step you should take is to ensure your personal hygiene. Your physical fitness does not ensure that you are physically OK. Even if you are not sick, you may have bacteria in different parts of your body which has high chance to be grown in food and make guest sick.

Personal Hygiene Tips for Food Workers:

  1. If you are sick do not work. First consult with your doctor. As your main job is to prepare food so your physical fitness ensures safe, hygienic food. If you are ill then there is a high chance that food born hazards can grow from you.hygiene chef cook guideline
  2. To ensure personal hygiene daily bath is must. You may have busy working schedule all the time but it is your duty to manage some free time to take a shower which will not only keep your body clean but also refresh your body and mind.
  3. Maintain a habit of washing your hands as much as possible. Wash your hand after eating or drinking or touching anything or going to toilet or smoking or doing anything which can help to grow bacteria in your hands.
  4. Generally food workers have 2 sets of uniform and aprons. So never wear same dress more than a single day.
  5. Hair fall in food is a worse scene for any star hotel. So always cover your head. Keep your hair neat and clean. Always wear hat or hood or hairnet.
  6. Shave daily. It is must for every hotelier.
  7. Cover Coughs and sneezes properly and then wash your hands.
  8. Some food workers have very bad habit of sitting on the worktables or using knife for cutting nails etc. Such bad habits should be avoided.
  9. Never let your finger to grow. Always cut your fingernails clean and short. Female worker should avoid using nail polish.
  10. Although in most of the hotels, smoking is prohibited while working, but even if you are allowed, never smoke on your working time. Also you should not chew gum or enjoy music on your working time.
  11. If you work with knife and cutting blades then there is a high chance of cutting and blooding. Try to be safe as much as possible but if by accident you are blooding then use clean bandage on that parts of your body and take immediate treatment. Never overlook your minor injuries.



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