Safe Knife Handle Tips

If you work in a hotel in food preparation department then you have to use knife frequently. It takes time to being skilled on using sharp bladed knife properly. At the beginning stage, many food workers often cut their fingers while cutting anything by knives. So it is better to know how to use knife safely to avoid unexpected cutting of your fingers or any other parts.

Safe Knife Handle Tips:

1. Look at the picture above. As you see, never cut anything toward your body. Always practice to cut away from your body to avoid cutting yourself. If you slice anything then stand by the side of your cutting and start cutting from your body side to the opposite.

2. For pushing food to blades sometimes food workers use their hands which is very dangerous. Never use your hands because your second of rashness or unconsciousness can result serious danger. So always use food pusher to push your food in advance toward blade.

3. While cutting food, stability is important. Always cut on cutting board or plane surface, never cut anything holding on hand.

4. Using of proper knives is a safe practice. For example, if you use large knife to remove meat from bone then you may be injured. So you should use-

  • Boning Knife to remove bone from meat
  • Paring knife for slicing small things
  • Carving knife for large cutting jobs
  • Vegetable pillar to cut vegetable
  • Cheese knife to cut through cheese

5. Wearing appropriate gloves will keep you safe from unnecessary cutting of fingers. Use cut resistant gloves. Try to use best fitted gloves otherwise you will not feel comfortable to work.

6. Take care of your best frined in your job? Best frined? Who? Yes I am talking about knife with what you have to work for a long time. Always sharpen your knife. This will give you more accuracy and boost up your performance. On the other hand, using dull blades will make your bored and you will not get proper service you are looking for. It also has the tendency to be slipped out from hand. Also tighten handle of the knife. This is very important. A loose knife handle can be the cause of major injuries.



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