hotel-classificationDear hospitality management students & hoteliers, this tutorial will help you to learn about different types of hotels. Although it is tough to give a complete outline of types of hotel. This varies for many factors. Here are some hotel classifications according to the factors:


On the basis of location, hotels can be classified as:

  • Airport Hotel
  • Resort Hotel
  • Country Hotel
  • City Center Hotel, etc.

2- Size:

Generally people classify a hotel by it’s size. Here size means how many rooms a hotel has. In UK, the types of hotel according to the size are:

  • Small Hotel: Fewer than 25 Rooms
  • Medium Hotel: Around 25 to 99 Rooms
  • Large Hotel: Around 100 to 299 Rooms
  • Major Hotel: More than 300 Rooms

But typically hotels are classified as:

  • Small: Nor more than 150 Rooms
  • Medium: 151 to 299 Rooms
  • Large: 300 to 600 Rooms
  • Major: More than 600 Rooms

3: Target Market:

Each and Every hotel has it’s very own target market. Like, a small hotel does not target elite groups of guests rather budget guests. So, according to the target market, hotels can be classified as:

  • Commercial Hotels
  • Airport Hotels
  • Suite Hotels
  • Extended Stay Hotel
  • Bed & Breakfast Hotel
  • Residential Hotel
  • Resort Hotel
  • Casino Hotels
  • Conference Hotels
  • Convention Hotels

4-Level of Service:

According to the service standard, hotels can be classified as:

  • World Class Service Hotel
  • Mid-Range Service Hotel
  • Economy or Limited or Budget Hotel

5-Ownership & Affiliation:

According to ownership and affiliation, hotels can be classified into 2 major groups:

  • Independent Hotel
  • Chain Hotel


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