How to seat Guests in Restaurants

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At first when a guest enters into restaurant premises then it is the duty of the waiter to greet and seat the guest. By using commonsense you can understand where you should seat guests.

Different seating arrangements should be made for different types of guests like single guest, kids, family, old people, couple, teenagers etc.

How seat guest at restaurantGenerally young couples like to be seated in corner where as family or old people do not like to be seated there. On the other hand old people do not prefer to be seated in loud, noisy places rather near the entrance to avoid walking distance whereas a group can easily be seated anywhere. So, if you have options then try to ensure proper seating arrangements according to the types of guests.

How should you seat guests

Here are some tips to let you know what is the perfect way to seat guests. If you are a service staff then you should follow these steps well.

  • At the time of arrival, approach to guest with smile.
  • Greet the guest according to the time like “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon”.
  • Check whether they have prior reservation or not, if not then ask how many of them like to be seated.
  • If you are not sure about how many person they are, then politely ask “How many are you, sir?” or “Table for one, right?”
  • If all seats are occupied then politely inform that to guest by saying sorry and write down the host name or give them a coaster pager and ensure him that whenever suitable seat would be free you will let him know.
  • Help guest to pull out the chair. If there is a woman with guest then usually male guest pulls out the chair but if he does not like to do that then you should do that.
  • If you are busy with a table and a guest seat at another table which is in your station then try to greet them properly and ensure them you will be available as early as possible.


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